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With the plan amendment process behind it, ILX Resorts will now move into the rezone and development agreement phase.
By Trista Steers
Larson Newspapers

With the plan amendment process behind it, ILX Resorts will now move into the rezone and development agreement phase for The Villages at Legacy Park, according to an architect involved with the project.

Currently, the property in the proposed development has two zoning designations — “community facility” and residential “RS 18B.”

ILX will apply for a portion of the parcel — mainly that with “community facility” designation — to be rezoned “planned development,” Design Group architect Max Licher said.

“Community facility” zoning includes a variety of uses perceived to benefit the city. Some possible uses include parks, performing arts venues or government agency offices, Licher said.

“RS 18B” is residential zoning which requires a minimum lot size of 18,000 square feet, according to Sedona City Code.

Phase I includes construction of the Sedona Project, the park, timeshares and parking.

The Phase II — construction of the Grotto Residences — rezone will be pursued later.

Consideration of rezone and a development agreement are possible after Sedona City Council unanimously approved ILX’s Community Plan Future Land Use Map amendment proposal.

The parcel’s designation was changed from “public/semi-public” and “single-family medium density residential” to “planned area.”

“Planned area” designation allows “planned development” zoning.

“Planned development” allows for a mix of uses outlined by the development agreement — a sketch and text describing the general intent, according to the City Code.

The rezone proposal and development agreement will be submitted at the same time.

“It makes sense to do the two of them together,” Licher said.

Design Group was hired by ILX to work on the project.

According to Licher, Design group will dive into the next phase in January.

Three to four months will be spent working on the design prior to submitting the proposal to the city.

The rezone process is similar to the plan amendment procedure.

Once the proposal is submitted, ILX is responsible for public outreach while the city evaluates the proposal.

Planning and Zoning then reviews the information and provides a recommendation to council.

City Council casts the final vote.

Licher said ILX will be adding additional architecture and engineering firms to the team for the design element.

Design Group, composed of Licher and his partner Mike Bower, is too small and they want other input, Licher said.

Incorporating other designers will avoid repetition in building style, Licher said.

Design Group will work mainly on the Sedona Project and the park.

These two elements need more work, and according to Licher, it would be difficult to pass them off to another firm.

Licher said they hope to have the rezone proposal and development agreement submitted to the city by the beginning of the year’s second quarter.

“That would be an ideal timeline,” Licher said.

The project’s name was changed from The Villages at Heritage Park to The Villages at Legacy Park on the recommendation of Planning and Zoning.


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