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Cindy McCain fights human trafficking

Cindy McCain fights human trafficking

Human trafficking is not, despite what many people believe, an issue far removed from our rural communities. In the last two years, both the Rotary Club of Sedona and the...

Sedona-Oak Creek School District Governing Board members and administrators put their heads together in a long budget work session meeting last week. They were faced with having to make cuts in programs, employees and student services.

Sedona-Oak Creek School District Superintendent David Lykins With a new site-based approach, the district administrative team tackled the task of reducing $516,000 from a budget that has been reduced by over $2 million in the last six years already. Through operational efficiencies and other streamlining the district reduced the deficit in the budget to $303,000.

“This is not an event, it’s a process, and it is important to have collaboration,” SOCSD Superintendent David Lykins said. “I am really proud of how hard the principals worked taking ownership in their schools. They were very creative and met the demands.

For the full story, see the Wednesday, April 17, edition of the Sedona Red Rock News.

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  • Steve Nippert

    really,the SOCUSD should be ashamed at the way they have treated their employees! The word gets around in a small town...Why do you think 25 employees left last year? It wasn't the money.....It was the leadership, and the voters have finally seen and heard ENOUGH!

  • Steve Nippert

    The solution is simple: Do what Mingus is doing. Duh!

  • Steve Nippert

    SOCUSD is a very "unprofessional" place to work...The leadership is weak and only in it for $$$...The community knows this, and will not pass the override until the super is gone. Blame the school board...

  • Steve Nippert

    People "see" what they "see". They see a fancy new district office and wonder why couldn't the higher ups have just used a little office space at the high school like Tim Foist at Mingus has done. They "see" a new football field that is the same one the New England Patriots have...WHY? To save water? They "see" principals driving Corvettes while they can barely put gas in their cars and food on their tables....Common sense, people...

  • check your facts

    I keep seeing these comments about how great Mingus is doing you do realize that Mingus is just the district for Mingus union high and Cottonwood Oak Creek takes care of elementary and middle school? Whereas Sedona Oak Creek takes care of elementary, middle school and high school.Mingus and cottonwood combined had 27.28 million funded to them whereas Sedona only had 15.1 million. teachers in cottonwood make more than the teachers in Sedona,the amount of students per teacher is higher in cottonwood higher than the recommended national average the dropout rate is higher in cottonwood. that is what you want for Sedona?high dropout rate separate school district for just the high school, higher paid teachers? If so than how about getting the funding for Sedona that Cottonwood gets.

  • Steve Nippert

    check your facts: Not sure where you came up with those numbers, but you are way off. My point is Sedona does nothing about the "top heavy" costs...Administrative salaries, mostly superintendent $$$, are 50% less at Mingus for the same number of students district wide. You have to work "within" your OWN budget! Sedona has not done that...

  • Steve Nippert

    Sedona has eliminated classes for students but kept salaries high for administration ....But they always are saying, "It's all for the kids"....Really?

  • Steve Nippert

    Of course the dropout rate is higher in Cottonwood! There are 1200+ high students there, vs. 450+ in Sedona.. The demographics are very different in Cottonwood. More problems associated with 1200+ 9-12 graders...But yet the Super Tim Foist took a part-time position VOLUNTARLY. Now that's about the Kids!

  • Steve Nippert

    Mingus Union has about a $6.6 million dollar budget. Same number kids, higher salaries, part-time Super....Go figure..

  • Steve Nippert

    [quote name="really"]The residents of Sedona should be ashamed of themselves. The treatment of it's school district and city employees is an embarrassment.[/quote]<br />What's even worse is how the school district treats their own employees!

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