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Crash on 89A stops southbound traffic entering Cottonwood

Crash on 89A stops southbound traffic entering Cottonwood

A major accident just past Rocking Chair Ranch Road at State Route 89A halted southbound traffic entering Cottonwood for several hours Wednesday afternoon. Drivers were diverted to the Mingus Avenue Extention,...

Sedona resident Tyler Gavigan pleaded guilty to a criminal violation for unauthorized trail construction in Federal Magistrate Court on Tuesday, Feb. 5.

At a site south of the Village of Oak Creek, a trail builder piled rocks and shoveled dirt to create more than 10 illegal mountain bike jumps. A team of workers operating in conjection with the U.S. Forest Service will dismantle the jumps and restore the area.Gavigan was originally cited in September for construction of mountain bike jumps on national forest land in the Red Rock Ranger District near his home on Upper Red Rock Loop Road in Sedona.

Gavigan had created the unauthorized trail in a gulch by removing and clearing a large area of native plants and soil to create jumps on steep hill slopes where the incidence of erosion is greatest. The site required extensive restoration and naturalization to prevent further soil erosion into Oak Creek, less than a mile away.

For the full story, see the Friday, Feb. 8, edition of the Sedona Red Rock News.

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  • murrayscheese

    Yet another "biker" outrage in our National Forest. <br />Oh for the days of the "mysterious" one!

  • LIna

    I feel-biking businesses should if they don’t already, give their patrons a heads up on biker etiquette on shared trails. Unintentional trails are evident as hikers dodge bikers who consistently tear thru trails, regardless of hikers. Isn’t it bikers yield to hikers or is that incorrect? I'm sure I'd love the thrill of downhill biking. Common Courtesy is 90% out the window. ‘Bikers, please slow down! I'm not waving hello. You have no idea how many hikers, children and pets on leashes I just passed up.’ Collisions and too many near misses. I also I feel that if we as community, do not at least attempt to share biker etiquette with even our own family and friends, or patrons to biking businesses, then this may not resolve itself in a way that would assist the forestry in their efforts.

  • Sheila Haydel

    Mtn. Bikers unfortunately wreaking havoc, destroying trails within a couple of years here in Montana that have been here for sometimes HUNDREDS of years. Very sad that this has been allowed to happen.

  • Ron Vernesoni

    The Forest Service is to be commended for continuing to pursue these illegal wildcat trail builders in the National Forest, even during these times of reduced federal funding. I urge the USFS to close down all illegally built trails, instead of adopting these trails into the trail system as has been done in the past. The fines in these cases are so low; that illegal trail building will continue until more aggressive measures are taken that send a stronger message to those engaged in these blatantly unlawful activities. Permanently closing down all illegally built trails would send that message. <br /><br />In any case, good job Forest Service!

  • mary charles

    WAAAAAAW!!!! Mtn bikers whining so loudly.<br />David Donahue and Jeff Harris (Two local "members of the mtn bike community"/Members of IMBA and VVCC) are convicted of building illegal mtn bike trails. One in a Nat'l Wilderness Area and one in a fragile archeological site. but does the RRN publish this press release to the public? No! Donahue and Harris, like John Finch, are all part of the viagra taking boys club of mtn bikers in the Sedona area. They just yuck it up with IMBA and VVCC and nobody points out that they are horrible (big mouthed) representatives of the mtn bike community I belong to. How come IMBA and VVCC are not disowning these losers?

  • Clifford

    Then where are mountain bikers supposed to ride? If these bikers are allowed to build their own trials that are away from the hikers and built well then everyone wins right?
    What's wrong with mountain Bike trails? Would you rather have skateboards and BMX on your sidewalks and streets or send those kids to the mountains to get their extreme sports in.

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