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In a world full of distractions, drivers often forget to pay attention to the road ahead of them. Paying attention, however, is the simplest way to avoid police lights in your rearview mirror and paying a fine.

Patrol Officer Casey Pelletier sits in his vehicle at Sedona City Hall. Pelletier and other officers patrol assigned sections of Sedona when on duty. Drivers in Sedona are commonly stopped for speeding and weaving in and out of traffic.Sedona Police Department Cmdr. Ron Wheeler said officers watch for suspicious vehicles, and erratic driving while on patrol each day. Many of those who get tickets are distracted by their surroundings, cell phones and other electronic devices.

“When the officers leave the station and they’re not responding to a call for service, we ask them to do some proactive patrols, drive through neighborhoods, and they are assigned a certain section of the city to patrol. In between all that, as they are driving on our streets, we ask them to look for traffic infractions,” Wheeler said.

For the full story, see the Wednesday, Feb. 6, edition of the Sedona Red Rock News.

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  • tsc

    If only they would write up more drivers (tourists) for driving too slow, holding up traffic flow and driving like they are the only one on the road.<br /><br /><br />Its 35 people, not 20, not 25.<br /><br />some of us are trying to live our life.

  • Phillip A. Duncan

    One of the perks in living in a relatively crime free area is that the officers get bored, the Supervisors get antsy for lack of production, and the City wants more revenue. This leads to a great increase in speed enforcement details which makes everyone happy, except the people who pay their salaries. You know what those of us in Law Enforcment say about those Officers who love to work traffic, Hint: about the same way we feel about School resource Officers!

  • awsm

    SPD could make a fortune by ticketing the drivers that come to a complete stop at the roundabouts, despite an absence of cars anywhere near the roundabout. Almost rear ended tourists a few times when traffic was totally clear and they slammed on the brakes and stopped at the roundabout.

  • Ronald A. Malnar

    Tourist are the life blood of Sedona's economy, without them the local business can't flourish. The tourist that may be driving below the posted speed limits are viewing the granger of you wonderful city. Being ten minutes or more late to your destination is well worth the small inconvenience that you may encounter. Travelers are looking for places to lodge, shop, eat, entertainment, and many other things. I hope that everyone in Sedona doesn't feel like you do tsc. Why not slow down a little and enjoy the beautiful area that you live and work in?

  • tsc

    Not everyone here is dependent on tourism. <br /><br />If you want to view the true grandeur of this area, be prepared, plan your trip, drive the speed limit to your destinations, get out of your car and enjoy. Being a tourist is not an excuse to be oblivious. Go or get out of the way.<br /><br />P.S. All those flourishing businesses dependent on Tourism generally do not pay local citizens a living wage. So many here do not view most of them with any particular affection.

  • tsc

    I have been wanting to express my thoughts regarding drivers in a public forum for some time now. It was very liberating to have done so, even if only a few people read it. I see that some agree. I let go of a lot of related stress by posting here. thank you red rock news for the outlet. KSB!

  • Deborah Carne

    It's my understanding the city of Sedona does not get revenue from citations. This money goes to the state directly. If you assume Sedona is crime free you are not informed. You only know of crimes the media chooses to let you know. Media wants to portray city in the best light being we are a tourist town.

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