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Crash on 89A stops southbound traffic entering Cottonwood

Crash on 89A stops southbound traffic entering Cottonwood

A major accident just past Rocking Chair Ranch Road at State Route 89A halted southbound traffic entering Cottonwood for several hours Wednesday afternoon. Drivers were diverted to the Mingus Avenue Extention,...

The Maya Calendar long count has been said to reach its completion on December 21, 2012. From today, Wednesday, October 24, 2012, that is 58 days. But who’s counting? I’ve also heard it said from an historian researcher on the Mayan culture, that the date we’ve heard about is wrong and off by a very very long time.


If I go by watching the TV documentaries that have appeared over the last years, apparently Nostradamus brings us to this time, pointing a finger toward us, and a question mark, as if to indicate we count in fashioning what occurs next. The I Ching (coincidentally?) ends on that date as well. Another depiction shows it is important if we will get the ball through the small rung; in other words make the shot in one try as the timer is counting down the final second of the game. I’ve learned that this date marks the balance of the masculine and feminine on earth.


My feeling is, if the finger is pointed at me, and pointed at you, why not play on the safe side and take responsibility for what our consciousness can create. What better time to love unconditionally, be kind, say ‘I love you,’ give hugs, forgive. Expect only good. Count your blessings. Desire prosperity and abundant vitality for everyone, not just yourself. What we mindfully wish for others is only a carbon copy; the original stays with us in effect, so be careful what you wish on others. That includes everyone. The spiritual statement, ‘With God ALL things are possible,’ means there are no exceptions. We CAN do it.


Expect our days and nights to be gentle, comfortable, safe and surrounded with love. Expect mother earth to shift from our past treatment with small stretches and shrugs instead of big ones. Treat her well. Fear is the opposite of love, so steer your thoughts to good perceptions. Even the Bible says, ‘it is done unto you as you believe.’ Your thoughts count. We are all broadcast stations receiving, and sending to the collective. What is your contribution; your frequency? Have you seen the film, "The Divine Matrix," yet? I believe you can watch online.


Let the feminine receptive, intuitive, compassionate side of you awaken. Revere it, and imagine all beings of feminine energy on earth treated with equality. Hear their wisdom. The book, "The DaVinci Code," gave us a clue about the Holy Grail being a receptive cup, the shape of a V, receiving divine guidance, the feminine. DaVinci’s painting depicts the last supper, showing a V between Jesus and what we are now told is Mary Magdalene sitting next to him. You can also see a pole going centered into the V.


The Tarot Card, The Chariot, is a major message and on it we see wings; the icon for spirit, above a receptacle with a pole going into it, depicting the physical plane (friction). The Chariot is coming out of a warlike time, moving forward, and you have the reins to drive the animals; one light and one dark (animal nature) into the dark or the light. The person on the chariot has learned a lot from what they witnessed and felt, and now chooses either wisdom and light, or rage, fear and more competitiveness, the need to balance our physical life with the higher road/spiritual way.


The Tarot’s major message card, The Lovers, depicts an angel equally hovering over two figures; one that is the feminine nature and one that is a masculine nature. The feminine depiction is looking up to the angel, receptive to its guidance, and the depiction of the masculine side of our nature is looking to the feminine type of character, as if to imply that the feminine side of ourselves is receptive and we can follow its guidance because it is from a higher place. That is where love is.


What better time in your life than now, to seek spiritual wisdom, and spread it like a tree grows branches; like a stone of goodness thrown in the pond creates a ripple effect. I had a dream the other night that there was a broadcast tower placed in my backyard, directly in line with where I write my articles, and this is what came to me to broadcast; what I am receiving, as the words come to me to write.


YOU count in the countdown of the long count. No longer is it acceptable to sit back and wait for your neighbor to be what you want the world to look like, while you continue with trivial angers, jealousies, competitiveness or lies. In fact, if your neighbor is emanating the light, he or she may reap rewards, while you sit in skepticism with, I’ll wait and see what happens, and may be creating, well, who knows.


We are all in this together. Our new millennium is only 12 years new. It is MM (Mary Magdalene), 2000. Two is feminine and now gives us the indication that it is no longer about 1 (one) me, myself and I competing with you, it is about 2 (two); brotherhood/sisterhood and love. We are in this together.


If I also interpret the planets’ energies in the light of the long count, believed by many to be 58 days from now, for the first time in 248 years Pluto, the planet of breakdown for the sake of rebuilding state of the art, is in Capricorn, which can represent tradition, the old system, the way things have always been; hard experiences and lessons, being frugal and perhaps depressed. Pluto shows where the dark has concealed the light, what’s outdated, exposing what needs updating. Certainly our collective hearts need to think prosperously, generously, optimistically, with only love, and that means without prejudice.


If choosing toward negativity within one’s instinctive reactions, one could fight to the bone with negative power to keep old outdated traditions in tact, frightened to move forward and evolve into joy.


For the first time in 29 years, Saturn, the planet that says grow up, do the work, be mature and wise, is in Scorpio, which is about bringing up and purging our deep emotional blockages, transformational healing and being reborn. It is about merging deeply with others. If used in detriment, one could feel restricted and be headed for hard lessons about their inner hurts, resisting healing, and stinging others.


For the first time in 84 years, Uranus, the planet that brings enlightenment, brotherhood and swift changes for the evolution of freedom and truth, went into Aries, the sign about beginning anew, being fresh like a baby, being free and leading others, through inspiration, feeling like we can accomplish anything. If not used well it can make one act out erratically in competition, being warlike with others, and quick to anger.


For the first time in 164 years the planet Neptune went into the sign it rules, Pisces, which is the sign of compassion for others, living our highest aspirations and connecting with spirit, knowing faith works, and being intuitively guided to have bliss. On the other hand, if not used in its positive manner, it can be confused, overwhelmed, deceived or addicted.


These planets only change signs/traits, about once every 16 years for Pluto, which went into Capricorn four years ago. Saturn changes signs about once every 3 years and just went into Scorpio this month. Uranus  changes approx. every 7 years and went into Aries a year and a half ago, and Neptune changes signs/traits about every 14 years and went into Pisces only 8 months ago. Is it coincidence that these planets all changed signs for these times? The finger points at me and it points at you. It is Your choice,;your free will, how you use these energies.


For 58 days can you practice kindness, brotherhood; let the love of God shine through your words and actions? Will you allow yourself to transform and heal? Resist addictions that count the real you out.


This is a shift in consciousness, and those that have eyes to see experiences in the light of only goodness, and ears to hear with only love, may find themselves on a high road. I have seen a rock carving by the peaceful Hopi that these times divide a path between going along smoothly, or dipping downward. It is personal choice and result. Those who believe they have too much invested in fear and hate, and love it for the power anger and competitiveness fuels them with, or won’t get up out of the murky sadness they have become used to and satisfied with, might find that their challenges become more than before, angling downward, by their own consciousness. Lend a hand or grab the rope and lift yourself up seeking (ye shall find).


This long count that ends with the finger now pointing at each individual, may be that we are meant to recognize the divine God energy within us and be the creators of what we wish the world to be. You are the savior. Collectively those that live in light and love will be creating heaven on earth. Do you want to be joyful yet? The difference between happiness and joy could just be how you feel when you get that new car. Happy. But are you joyful in that beautiful car? Does your soul flow through your days with inner joy that you wouldn’t trade for the world? Or are you trading the world for superficial happiness?


Take a ride on the risk that the worst that could happen by expecting good and love for everyone; wishing all joy, is that it feels a little different than your usual thoughts, but right away, I believe you will begin to feel real joy, not the fleeting happiness that superficial things bring.


Is there a tipping point coming that counts how many collectively are required, to bring us to an evolved blissful existence for our future? Will we get the ball into the basket in divine timing? Will you be counted in, or be an absentee ballot, not caring to weigh in for the good of all? It is time to vote; for a higher purpose than even President of the United States. I vote victory. Happy 58 days and … joy to the world.


Love from Rachel Star of Sedona


Reach interfaith minister Rachel Star of Sedona at 928-282-3444, 850-566-6698 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Follow her on facebook and twitter as Rachelspirit.  Her free website is where you can find daily astrological guidance.  She is available for a positive, empowering Reading in Sedona, or by phone or skype (sedonarachel).  Each consultation includes positive and empowering angelic channeling, tarot, cards of destiny, numerology, past life insight and astrology (with or without time and location of birth; and horoscopes are available). Classes and individual or couples counseling is also available, as well as physical and emotional relief with Reiki or Young Living medicine-grade essential oils.

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  • Rachel

    Posted facebook Sunday. Turned on TV..just before..sleep..and heard about a tsunami expected in 1 hour..on Hawaii. Expected was an extremely high surge..put my two cents into the constantly creating universe that it would be much more gentle and easy..this morning..heard it was much less than expected. Thank God.<br />..YOUR thoughts and actions now can help soothe mother earth in the shift.. Remember, "As Above, so Below. On Earth as it is in Heaven." The heavenly planetary line up..for the first time in 26,000 years is bringing Change. Planetary movements can be interpreted and energized (energy utilized) to just either let it be randomly falling into challenging ways, or actively polarized with conscious(ness) effort to align in the positive. On earth.. Can we decide what happens?

  • Rachel

    Posted Facebook Sunday. For those expecting Sandy..Hurricane Andrew was headed for my front door..Feng Shui principles recommends..a hexagonal mirror outside over your front keep away negative veered (a)way..(another time)I put the..mirror on the ledge of my window..facing..(its) direction..(it) dissipated..Put any mirror in a window facing..the direction..Why not?..feng shui is about working with energy so that it flows in ways..for our benefit..perhaps the mirror a (sensed) threat being in its path, of making a.. mean storm face..(what it's become), like an addicted person's cruel behaviors being pointed out..If the person had a sense that intervention was set up..they (storm) wouldn't show up..everything is energy..a storm..our thoughts.

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