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Sedona Mayor Rob Adams spoke to a full house during his second annual State of the City Address at Sedona City Hall on Thursday, Sept. 27.

Sedona Mayor Rob Adams presented his State of the City Address on Thursday, Sept. 27, at City Hall and spoke to a full house, touching on the city’s infrastructure, its direction and an overview of his first four years as mayor of Sedona.Adams touched on a number of topics during the address, including an overview of his first four years as mayor of Sedona and the issues at that time, including State Route 179 construction, the economic downturn, the departure of the city manager and the beginning of the city’s storm water management program.

“We were seriously impacted by these capital projects and the economy falling off a cliff. It was a very difficult time,” Adams said. “I reviewed the four years because it’s been one of the most difficult times in Sedona’s history, in my opinion. I wanted to give the audience an overview of what’s been accomplished in spite of the difficult economy and all of the other challenges we faced.”

Adams said the speech was intended to be more informational than inspirational.

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