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Comic show will focus on creative youth

Comic show will focus on creative youth

"The idea of trying to pull off a comic book show in this area came to me after I moved to Sedona in August 2014," stated local comic book artist...

Are you ready to discover the truth about a little known secret regarding our own deck of 52 cards we play games with? Games like gin rummy, solitaire, poker and the like. Hold onto your seat because I’m going to let you in on a long-kept underground revelation. Those cards were created to play games so the deck would last throughout time, but were actually created to track the destiny of life on earth, and everyone who has a life on earth resonates to the meaning of a card in the deck and in this way you can see your path from the past and forward!


52 cards corresponds to weeks in our year, 12 royals the months, 4 suits as in weeks in a month as well as seasons in our year, and if you add all the cards they add to 365 with the joker, the number of days in our year. In fact, the Joker is the only major arcana card taken from the Tarot, which originally was 22 major arcana cards. The Joker represents the God card in Tarot.


The card system’s true purpose only came to the surface publicly about 120 years ago, and is based on the Ace of Spades. Notice how only the Ace of Spades is decorated, and often is shown on the cover of its package. We are a card based on our date of birth, and we also have a planetary ruling card based on the planet that rules our sun sign.


I learned this accurate system years ago, and have thoroughly checked its precision. I use it in every client’s Reading, along with my other esoteric, spiritual tools. Now being the Ace of Spades doesn’t mean that you have sought to know esoteric spiritual mysteries of life. But all Aces love to start projects and are very vested in them or their work. Twos are all about relationships. Threes love variety and can get bored or restless easily so you’ll find them changing experiences or following their curiosity. Similarly, you’ll find fives moving or changing jobs more than most people. There’s a remarkable esoteric reason why!


Kings and Queens take the most responsibility in life and work very hard, the only difference is that Queens rule with more compassion. Jacks are the young adults just entering royalty so can find that they get away with deception, or can choose to do great things like the King or Queen. There are 3 cards (and they are not royal or Aces) that are the most likely to be recognized and applauded. Are you one of those?


Hearts represent emotions, Clubs look like brain matter and indicate all things informational. Diamonds represent not only money but values. Spades are the wisdom. The planetary ruling card we have gives secondary information about who we were born to be. It is important to know that as well.


Now, just as there are 52 cards in the deck, not counting the Joker, we live in 52 day periods, and the count starts the day of your birthday, so each year’s periods are the same. What changes are the cards that appear there. One 52-day period, for instance, is Venus, and will show love, friendship, the feminine and money, while another; Mars, male and passionate energies, perhaps including anger or legal issues. Another, Jupiter, our most expansive and blessed times of good fortune, etc. We also live in 13 year cycles, when our cards change for that longer period. In addition, the ages 44, 45, 52 and 90 are significant for all, and most cards have pinnacle years that vary by card (i.e. age 24 and 69 for the 3 of Clubs).


Cards show up in these 52-day time periods indicating types of destiny available, and have different meanings in different periods. It is our free will that determines if we take the high road or the low road. If leading a positive life, it will acknowledge and mirror what is going on!


Here’s an example. Before I knew the card system, I started the drive to move to Sedona for my spiritual work, on the very day my 52-day period went into the time each year of enlightenment and raising the bar higher for myself in humanitarian ways. That’s the Uranus 52-day time period. The cards that showed up for me then, were:


The King of Hearts in Uranus period  - Strong psychic power, hard work, and leadership in service to others can bring success during this period…Your own psychic powers will be at hand to help you in all that you do.


Also Jack of Hearts in the Uranus Period - This is a beneficial influence for giving selflessly of yourself in your work or community/spiritual service. A strong spiritual influence is now present in your life which could inspire you to act with higher integrity or encourage you to make some personal sacrifices. You may have decided to relinquish some part of your personal freedom or individuality, or give up some acquaintances, all in the name of truth and the good of others.


Well, that’s exactly what I was doing; leaving family and friends, moving across the country to reach the many visiting Sedona seeking spiritual enlightenment and positive empowerment for their lives.


If you’re looking for love, we can see if the Ace, Two, Four or Queen of Hearts shows up and when! Ace of Hearts could also mean a baby. Happily, the cards don’t predict life endings. What are the two cards of the person you’re dating? Do they show up in your year? When is the best timing for something? Once a 52-day time period opens or begins, it stays open, at least for the year till your next birthday, like opening one door in the house that has 7 rooms, every 52 days. We can peek inside before it opens.


What card are you, and What’s In The Cards for you? People have been saying that phrase for a long time. How far back does that date? Remember if the deck of cards track destiny of life on earth, and there is a high road or a low road, our personal choices count…and includes the Joker.


Love from Rachel Star of Sedona


Reach interfaith minister Rachel Star of Sedona at 928-282-3444, 850-566-6698 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Follow her on facebook and twitter as Rachelspirit.  Her website is  She is available for a positive, empowering Reading at either of her locations in Sedona, or by phone and skype.  Each consultation includes angelic channeling, tarot, cards of destiny, numerology, past life insight and astrology (with or without time and location of birth; horoscopes are available). Classes and individual or couples counseling is also available, as well as physical and emotional relief with Reiki or Young Living medicine-grade essential oils


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  • Tina Martino


  • Rachel

    Hi again Tina, Let's see if you have guessed what card you are in the deck of 52 cards...You are the 9 of diamonds; the card of universal values and the giver. You're here to graduate from a major chapter in the evolution of your soul and personality, like a graduating senior bequeathing your things of value to undergraduates, going on to bigger and better things. You can teach real values versus simple possessiveness, and could be great at promoting things you believe in. You might be good at counseling others, and if keeping your values in perspective could be affluent. Tina I hope you return to read future articles I'll write every week and feel free to chat with me there. Warm regards to you.

  • Elissa Czerkas

    Hi Rachel<br />I saw you for a reading in Sedona a couple years ago. This is fasinating about the standard 52 cards deck.My birthday is January 3, 1951. What can you tell me about my cards?

  • Rachel

    Hi Elissa, It's wonderful to be hearing from you. Let's see if any guess you may have come up with is close or right on. You are the Jack of Spades, the spiritual initiate. You possess a tremendous amount of mental power and creativity so can use it as a visionary or spiritual leader. It is up to you to steer your mind into truth and wisdom so as not to default into confusion simply from not dealing with challenges. Being young in the royal realm you can sit in the highest or be tempted otherwise. You would do well with the public and can be artistic or a great performer. Success and finances should be there for you.<br /><br />Enjoy the throne and I hope you will read my columns every week. Warmest regards, Rachel

  • Thia

    Hi Rachel, even though I use to live in Sedona, I read your column and find it full of wisdom and magic. I was wondering what you see in store for me....11/03/1047 at 8:36AM.

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