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Big Park Community School finds success in multi-age program

Big Park Community School finds success in multi-age program

On the surface, placing kindergartners, first-graders and second-graders into the same classroom might seem like a recipe for disaster - or at least a massive headache - but as the...

In Close Encounters, the movie, there was a 5 note musical sequence that was a language. If we had to choose to listen to someone speak in a monotone or another who used inflections and varying tones, would you choose the voice that sounded more like music? I prefer to listen to a spiritual teacher than a voice spouting hate, don’t you? Compliments are always music to our ears.

The sound of birds chirping is sweet to hear, like God chatter. Music brings passion to the heart. My dad thrilled to marching bands. Whether it’s the pomp and circumstance sound of trumpets heralding a royal family, the whimsical sound of jazz that makes us pay attention to every note, the sensual sound of saxophone or pounding drums that stir us to dance, the thrilling sounds on a movie track as the camera captures a landscape that rivals the music, or the rapping words providing us a sense of don’t mess with me; I’m strong, it all stirs us.

I grew up just outside of New York City so every time my parents would see a Broadway musical, they would bring me back the record of the show and ultimately I would play it over and over then one of them would take me to see the show. Having brought a piano into our home and paid for the piano teacher to come once a week, thus began my love of buying sheet music and singing.

They bought me singing lessons, first opera then popular. Once grown, I paid professionals in NYC. Years later after making records, winning contests and performing shows, I fell in love, got married and dropped my music. When that relationship went south and I found my voice to remove myself and be treated better, I devoted myself again to music. A few years later I went weekly to Streisand’s vocal coach in California. It was there that I first really noticed consciously how a fight with my boyfriend removed my desire to practice. In fact I let the passion go downhill for quite some time as I thought that it had to be love or music. He had great musical talent so I became his cheerleader.

Upon realizing that the relationship wasn’t working for me and it was in my best interests to let it go, I rallied my deep musical passion again, found my NY producer who had gone on to become a famous songwriter, and he flew to my home bringing great songs to record for two major record labels in NYC which both were interested and wanted to hear me do some original songs.

My songwriter indicated that when I had them produced, he would then take them all the way. By this time I had developed an equal passion for my spiritual work over the many years. Long story short, with the busy schedule I had, and multi-purposed divided attention span, the spokes on the wheel weren’t gelling together and then I got a big sign…my vocal chords developed a challenge.

Since I had always felt as a little girl, that my desire was to become famous only so that when interviewed I could help the masses with their emotional life problems, it was clear as a more mature adult that my spiritual work was the true calling.

However, less and less did I listen to as much passionate music any longer, preferring mostly calming musical sounds for decades. That’s changing. The glitches in my vocal chords are even healing. I believe my recent returning strong desire for passionate living and traveling, heralds it’s time.

We may not be great cooks creating food that makes the soul sing or bake sweet desserts to delight the heart strings, but we can always say something nice about another person, no matter what you think about their behaviors. And sing out your own joy. Follow it. You have a voice. Let your passions be sung.

Love from Rachel Star of Sedona

Reach interfaith minister Rachel Star of Sedona at 928-282-3444, 850-566-6698 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Follow her on facebook and twitter as Rachelspirit. Her website is She is available for a positive, empowering Reading at either of her locations in Sedona, or by phone and skype. Each consultation includes angelic channeling, tarot, cards of destiny, numerology, past life insight and astrology (with or without time and location of birth; horoscopes are available). Classes and individual or couples counseling is also available, as well as physical and emotional relief with Reiki or Young Living medicine-grade essential oils.

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  • Janet Kemp

    I just listened to the William Tell Overature on the way home and I cannot remember the last time I experienced that much energy just by listening to this piece!!!

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