Music provides great pleasure, moves people through emotional states and is a means of healing and wellness. People can be both the recipients of music and the makers of music.

A series of workshops offered by Robin Hanbridge at the Sedona Posse Grounds Hub from Tuesday, Jan. 16, through Thursday, Feb. 15 will provide both.

Hanbridge, a sound healer for 15 years, has studied sound healing with Jonathan Goldman, the International Academy of Sound Healing and Andrew Noreger. He has taught sound healing for 10 years in Vermont.

Touring the United States, Hanbridge is providing sound healing and sound healing workshops at places such as Johnson State College, Champlain College, the University of Vermont, Saint Michael’s College, elementary schools, the Flynn Theatre, yoga studios and spiritual centers.

Hanbridge is leading workshops and also providing sound healing classes and sessions at the Hub in January and February. The five two-hour independent evening sessions will be held from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Tuesdays, Jan. 16, 23 and 30, and Feb. 6 and Thursday, Feb. 15. Cost is $20 per person; veterans are free.

Hanbridge uses several instruments for sound healing including a didgeridoo he made from a Vermont maple tree, a set of seven Tibetan singing bowls and three 32-inch Pieste gongs hand-crafted in Germany.

According to a press release, people experience a range of deep sensations during these musical journeys: Deep relaxation, altered states of consciousness, bliss, harmony, homeostasis, relief from aches and pains, past life experiences, oneness and out-of-body experiences.

The January and February workshops at the Hub offer the opportunity to play with expert guidance. Many people have singing bowls and this is a chance to learn to really play them effectively.

Hanbridge has also recorded a sound healing CD titled “Altered States.”

The two-hour workshops begin with an hour where he will teach participants how to use the Tibetan singing bowls for therapeutic purposes, followed by an experiential sound bath. Bring comfortable items to lay on during the sound bath, such as a blanket and pillow. Co-host Kirk Jones will join Hanbridge for some workshops.

The Sedona Hub is at 525B Posse Ground Road in Sedona. Contact Hanbridge at (802) 309-2812 or for more information and to register.