At the beginning of every new year, many people make new year’s resolutions. Sometimes these completely replace certain habits with new more useful habits. And some involve keeping parts of the old habitual beliefs and adding or subtracting a word here and there to completely revise the meaning of the belief/habit.

James Ratliff Gallery invites the public to enjoy a reception on Friday, Jan. 5, from 5 to 8 p.m. both to appreciate the new artworks of gallery artists while joining Jim and Pat to celebrate Jim’s 80th birthday. The gallery is located at 671 State Route 179, Hillside Sedona.

James Ratliff Gallery will feature the new art of established artists Cary Henrie and William Crook. Additionally the gallery will exhibit paintings by Marlene Rye whose work, although juried into national shows by esteemed jurors from the Whitney Museum of American Art and the Guggenheim, have not been seen by many in this part of the country.

The paintings in this show are from a series Rye did based on the way dancers in her studio were moving. These paintings have a sense of lightness, childlike joy and a graceful effervescence about them.

“The world of the child will always belong to children, but I invite you to visit it with me anew,” Rye said.

Henrie has always pushed the envelope where his own art is concerned. So even though there’s been constant evolution within his art, Henrie has as his underlying desire to bring a window of calm to people’s lives through his work which has, as its basic quality, a classic sensibility. So there is this evolving window of calm that emanates from Henrie as he works his magic.

Henrie has often incorporated the old color palettes, aged qualities and sense of peacefulness into his new works. And most recently he has moved in a completely new direction with bright colors, and a metallic look which gives a sense of being from a contemporary era with more geometric abstraction as well.

Crook does very whimsical paintings in acrylics. They are always somewhat quirky and whimsical. His houses exhibit decided personality. Crook also paints portraits that can be very intriguing or disconcerting and sometimes cut to the quick. He is a poet as well; ask for a copy of one of his poems.

Crook was a special education teacher in a high school for much of his teaching career. To ease the stress of this job, he replaced the daily old with something new to him. And thus became the start of an art career for Crook during his retirement.

In entering 2018, remember that James Ratliff Gallery provides a service where Jim works with an individual to help revitalize a home or special room by rearranging current art and furniture or selecting some new art to brighten a particular area to become a focal point or just simply add year round enjoyment.

James Ratliff Gallery hopes to see you for this celebratory event.