Meet Gary Greenberg and view his collection at Andrea Smith Gallery on Sunday, Oct. 15, from 12:30 to 4 p.m. The gallery is in Tlaquepaque, beneath the Oak Creek Brewery.

Scientist, author, photographer and inventor Greenberg combines the tools of art and science to explore the designs of nature. He has given more than a hundred international presentations about the micro world, including TEDxSedona scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 14.

Greenberg earned a Ph.D. in developmental biology and developed three-dimensional microscopes for research, biomedicine, education and the International Space Station. After many years of investigating extraordinary natural phenomena through the 3-D microscopes he invents, he is now astonished by the beauty and elegance of ordinary objects, such as food, flowers and grains of sand.

He has written two books about sand through the microscope, “A Grain of Sand: Nature’s Secret Wonder” [2008], and “The Secrets of Sand” [2015], as well as a children’s book, “Mary’s Magic Microscope” [2011].

Greenberg is a research affiliate at the Advanced Technology Research Laboratory at the University of Hawaii Institute for Astronomy in Maui, where he uses 21st-century microscopes to study moon sand brought to Earth by NASA during the Apollo missions.

Each grain of sand is unique, and each has a story to tell. His photographs take visitors on a journey into a world not seen with the naked eye. His photographs of everyday objects magnified hundreds of times are reminders that nature is the ultimate artist.

Call the gallery at 203-9002 for details.