Bicycling isn’t only for children, and in May, the League of American Bicyclists encourages everyone to bring out their two-wheelers to celebrate National Bike Month.

Bicyclists are not uncommon sights in Sedona and the Verde Valley. In fact, it’s odd not to see at least one nearly everywhere we go.


Whether it’s on the road or a trail, young and old bike for transportation and recreation.

National Bike Month promotes participation and safety.

Aside from recreational bike riding, which is extremely popular in the area, the bicyclists league encourages adults and children to use bicycles as a mode of transportation.

May is National Bicycle MonthMonday, May 16, through Friday, May 20, is Bike to Work Week and May 20 is Bike to Work Day.

Biking to work is fun, healthy and green.

Taking the bicycle out for a spin before sitting down to work can alleviate stress and refresh a cyclist while squeezing in exercise during the morning commute.

Bicycling also reduces the number of cars on the road, therefore burning less fuel and producing less pollution.

Perhaps most important, however, when encouraging bicycling, is safety.

First and foremost, always wear a helmet.

Incidence of head injury from a crash is drastically reduced if a bicyclist straps on a helmet before heading out.

While it isn’t the law to wear one, think of it as a seat belt for a bicycle.

The American League of Bicyclists offers these tips, in addition to the importance of wearing a helmet, for riding better.

  • Follow the rules of the road.Ride with traffic and obey the same laws as motorists. Always look around before turning or merging and use hand signals.
  • Be visible. Ride where drivers can see you and wear brightly colored clothing. At night, use lights and reflectors.
  • Be predictable. Ride in a straight line and avoid swerving. Make eye contact with motorists and do not ride on sidewalks.
  • Anticipate conflicts. Beware of traffic around you and ride defensively. Learn braking and turning techniques to avoid crashes and be extra careful at intersections.


Following these simple rules will make your bicycling experience enjoyable and safe. Enjoy the breeze on your face while you celebrate National Bike Month.