More people in Arizona want a voice at the polls.

Recent numbers released by Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett show an increase of 63,307 people in voter registration statewide since the general election in 2010.

There are now 3,209,725 registered voters in Arizona. The total population of Arizona is 6,392,017, according to the 2010 U.S. census.

With hot issues looming at all levels of government, people who have never felt compelled to vote are registering along with those who let their registration expire over the years.

Even more interesting is how Arizona residents are choosing to register.

The majority of new registrations are with independent parties or no party at all.

The state reports 48,023 of the 63,307 new voters did not affiliate themselves with either the Republican or Democratic parties.

More Americans appear to be pulling away from mainstream parties. They are choosing not to join the Democrat vs. Republican battle over ideals and policy. Or, they’re finding more focused groups, such at the Tea Party, to join.

The Democrats added 4,187 voters to their base while 10,243 people registered as Republicans.

Locally, Yavapai County and Coconino County have also seen increases in registration since November.

Yavapai County reported an increase of 572 registered voters. April numbers indicate 121,690 residents are registered to vote, up from 121,118 at the general election.

Data shows the county trending in the same direction as the state with 989 new and established voters joining the “other” designation, rather than specified parties.

Party breakdown indicates 27,917 people are registered Democratic, 53,661 Republican, 38,972 other, 856 Libertarian and 284 Green.

The population of Yavapai County, according to the census, is 211,033.

In Coconino County, voter registration increased to 69,778 up from 68,805.

Again, the greatest increase was in voters registered as “other.” In November, the county listed 21,651 as other. Now, April numbers indicated there are 22,451 voters with the designation.

Democrats dominate Coconino County with 27,659 currently registered voters, followed by Republicans at 18,571, Libertarians at 832 and Greens at 265.

Census numbers set Coconino County’s population at 134,421.