What does it mean to be a Sedona resident? What defines the lifestyle of a Sedonan?

Each year the Sedona Red Rock News attempts to answer those questions with the publication of our annual magazine, Lifestyles of Sedona, and each year it’s a new adventure.

The purpose of the publication is to highlight groups, organizations and activities that define the lifestyle we all enjoy in Sedona. From clubs and organizations to schools, activities and the featured couple, Lifestyles touches on all aspects of life in Sedona.

The first task when planning for the magazine begins is identifying a couple who represents a distinct Sedona lifestyle.

In the past we’ve featured young professionals, tennis players, golfers and mountain bikers. This year, we decided to get back to Sedona’s roots and find a couple who enjoys a Western lifestyle, horses and all.

Thanks to the help of a local horseshoer, we found the Sniders, a couple who retired from their fast-paced careers to enjoy a slower, steadier pace of life while mounted on top of their horses, Coin and Chance.

Their story is one of devotion to God and to each other, which brought them to the wild West to live out Dick Snider’s childhood dream of being a cowboy.

This year’s publication also celebrates the past, present and future of Sedona with stories about local Native American ruins, the completion of the Sedona Performing Arts Center and the Sedona Chamber of Commerce’s plans to help our economy grow.

Community events, nature, exercise and volunteerism also made this year’s magazine along with the history of the Sedona International Film Festival and alternative education options available in Sedona and the Village of Oak Creek.

Our intention with regard to Lifestyles is to honor the people who make the community the diverse, exciting and comforting place we all call home, and give outsiders a glimpse at what it means to be a Sedona resident.

Sedona’s home to cowboys, philanthropists, volunteers, athletes, movie buffs, artists, historians, educators, civic leaders and entertainers — and we’ve done our best to showcase each of those lifestyles in 30 pages.

We hope you enjoy reading Lifestyles and much as we enjoy putting it together each year.