When we become bogged down in the politics of the Sedona Fire District or the controversy surrounding the takeover of State Route 89A in West Sedona, it’s refreshing to look to our youth, who provide positivity and hope for the future.

Sedona residents are lucky to live in the Sedona-Oak Creek School District where Governing Board members, administration, teachers and staff always have the students in mind when making decisions, both easy and difficult.

The board recently selected Dave Lykins, a longtime leader in Sedona education, to lead the district into the future as superintendent.

Now administration is looking to its dedicated faculty to fill Lykins’ position as principal at Sedona Red Rock High School.

The team that educates local children is tight-knit and does what needs to be done not for themselves but for the benefit of the students.

Despite continual budget cuts coming down from the state, the district has maintained its three campuses — SRRHS, West Sedona and Big Park Community schools, added Red Rock Academy, and the quality of education has remained intact.

While the board has been forced to make some difficult decisions, including reduction in force notices going out almost as a given when budget negotiations come around, we’re doing better than some of our neighbors. Cottonwood-Oak Creek School District recently voted to close one school and restructure another to funnel more students into its remaining campuses.

Thanks to the district’s commitment to its students, Sedona kids are able to build a strong educational foundation to take them into the future.

Students sat down this week with Arizona’s Instrument to Measure Standards, a test which shows year after year Sedona students are well on their way to bright futures.