Just as consumer confidence reached a level where many Americans felt comfortable traveling again, another wrench has been thrown into their plans.

Prices at the pump continue to inch upward with rumors of $4 gallons not too far in the future, and just in time for all the spring breakers who planned to road trip this year.

Sedona relies on tourists traveling by car, even if it’s a rental car, since the state’s major airport is almost a two-hour drive from the city.

Sedona residents, in turn, also rely on the automobile to venture out on expeditions.

Economists worry the spike in fuel costs will further slow economic recovery in the United States if Americans decide to alter or even cancel travel plans for the spring and summer ahead.

Last time gas prices went through the roof more people opted for alternative modes of transportation, carpooling and purchase of fuel-efficient vehicles.

The price of a compact car or motorcycle skyrocketed while SUV and truck prices tanked.

Fewer people left town for summer vacation and if they did decide to go, the added fuel cost ate into their travel budget leaving less room for souvenirs, nice meals and luxury lodging.

High gas prices don’t only hinder travelers.

If you’re simply trying to get to work or the store, gas prices hit home.

To help our readers become savvy gas shoppers, we added a feature on our website where visitors can find Sedona’s lowest gas prices.

On the right side of our home page is a list of gas station locations, the price of a gallon of gas and the time the price was posted.

We hope the new feature at redrocknews.com will help lessen the dent in Sedona residents’ wallets the next time they head out to fuel up.