Just as we were preparing to put our election coverage in full swing, one of two local races ended abruptly with the resignation of one candidate.

Carolyn Huggins, who joined the race for two seats on the Sedona-Oak Creek School District Governing Board as the third candidate, announced she is ending her campaign.

With Huggins out of the race, the two vacant seats will be filled by the only two candidates left — Karen McClelland and Zachary Richardson.

Originally, we planned to handle the election in the same manner we handle other local elections.

One of our reporters was going to write profile articles on each of the candidates, and then the candidates themselves would have had the opportunity to submit an essay for publication in thesame issue.

School board candidate coverage was scheduled to begin Wednesday, Oct. 6.

Now, without a race at all, the election coverage formalities are not necessary.

The race for three seats on the Sedona Fire District Governing Board, however, is just heating up.

Our election coverage starts Friday, Oct. 1, with our first round of candidate profiles and essays.

We will feature two candidates each Friday until we’ve given all eight candidates equal coverage. Candidate profiles and essays will end Friday, Oct. 22, with the final two candidates.

The order in which the candidates will be featured was determined by alphabetizing them by their last name, as is done on the ballot. This way it was not up to us to determine who should be featured when.

I received a phone call a few weeks ago from a candidate hoping to move up in the schedule, and I told the candidate I was sorry, but in order for that to happen the candidate would have to change his or her name.

Our primary goal is to bring our readers the facts about each candidate and help voters make educated decisions when it’s time to head to the polls Tuesday, Nov. 2.