It’s time to fill open seats on community boards and this election season could become as interesting as a Sedona City Council election.

The Sedona-Oak Creek School District Governing Board looks like it won’t even be a race. So far, just enough candidates have thrown their names into the hat to fill the board.

If another school board candidate doesn’t turn up in the next two weeks, Karen McClelland and Zachary Richardson are shoo-ins.

The race for three seats on the Sedona Fire District Governing Board, on the other hand, will be an entirely different beast.

As of Wednesday, July 21, seven people had filed paperwork with the Yavapai County Recorder’s Office indicating they plan to run for a seat. Other potential candidates have until Wednesday, Aug. 4, to file.

Issues brought up over the last year by the current Governing Board and left unresolved as campaign season looms are sure to draw attention as candidates rally residents for support.

In an attempt to keep things from getting nasty on the print side of things, we will follow the same election policy for the SFD Governing Board race as we’ve adopted for past City Council races.

Our goal and role as a newspaper is to present facts about each of the candidates and their opinions on important issues in a fair and balanced manner.

As with the council race, each candidate will have the opportunity to be interviewed for a profile written by our staff and given the opportunity to write an essay to be published in the Sedona Red Rock News.

As time and space allow, our staff will also cover issues residents and SFD feel are important to the future of the district.

We will not run letters to the editor supporting or endorsing candidates.
Small-town elections can get ugly, but let’s all try to keep in clean in the best interests of the community.