Issues like today’s edition of the Sedona Red Rock News are my favorite — we have two pages full of letters to the editor and many more waiting for publication.

An inbox full of letters means residents and out-of-towners are reading the paper and, in turn, engaging in dialogue regarding issues facing our community.

Today’s letters, and those readers will see in the next few editions, deal primarily with three topics — the immigration bill signed by Gov. Janet Brewer and the Sedona City Council’s decision to recommend the incoming council oppose it formally with a resolution; budget issues at the local, state and national level; and the controversy that surrounds privatization of Sedona Fire District’s ambulance service.

We’ve received letters from all viewpoints, some of which we hadn’t even thought of.
According the letters that have come in, many people support the immigration bill while others feel it’s an invasion of privacy and will cause racial profiling.

On the budget front, writers tell us they understand why the city and school district are now forced to cut loyal employees while their counterparts shake their fingers and both the school and city administration.

SFD has been quite popular in the mailbag with letters ranging from support and thanks to firefighters who have made a difference in someone’s life to calls for budget cuts and board member resignations.

Whatever the topic or opinion expressed, what’s important is our publication playing its role as a vehicle for readers to exercise their First Amendment rights.

Another, newer form of reader engagement can be found on our website, www.redrocknews.com, where people can post comments related to the stories they read there.

Like our letters page in our print publication, not every comment will appear, because we exercise the same discretion with online comments as we do with letters to the editor — no personal attacks, inappropriate remarks or language, and the comment must directly relate the story commented on.

Thank you for your input and keep the letters coming.