This time of year gives a person very little time to reflect on the happenings that are constantly bombarding us as we go through our busy days right up to Christmas Day.

One such day, of course, is December 7, 1941.

That day, more than many in American history is one of fear, anger, strength and the ultimate sacrifice we were about to embark on during World War II.

The National Intelligence Council came out late last year with some pretty dire predictions for the United States during the next 20 or so years.

The NIC sees other nations around the world being “energized and revolutionized” as they constantly try to get more of the power that comes with better global trading and growth.

These countries, primarily China, India, Russia and Brazil, hope to succeed in being as dominant as we are in military and economic issues.

A review of these past two years would seem to back their dismal outlook for Americans. We have not seen this tough an economic climate since the Great Depression. Many economists are predicting doom and gloom for our near and long term future.

This is not a time for us to duck and cover. It is a time to stand up as we did following that infamous day on December 7, 1941. Enough with the Hope and Change nonsense that has permeated the airwaves.

It is time for all Americans to rise up and reclaim their freedom and express their anger with a Big Government mentality that has totally run amok. How in the world do they expect us to finance all their dreams of a future utopia.

I personally think this country is the best and should always remain the best country in the world. We need to remember those that went before us and thank them for their tremendous sacrifices they made beginning  directly after the day Japan attacked us.

Many people forget that at the time of the bombing we were in the Great Depression and no matter how much money the government threw at the problem, it was not getting any better.

Our nation rallied during World War II and came out in the end victorious and instrumental in shaping the world of the future.

That generation, which many of you fellow Sedonans are part of, should help guide those among us who simply don’t understand the sacrifices it takes to survive in this world.

I now have two grandsons, who have been the inspirational lights of my life in the past few years. They do not deserve this burden of debt that is being sent to them.

We can’t afford trillion dollar deficits, we can’t even afford billion dollar deficits. It is time for our government to be held accountable and for the true believers of our Republic to stand up and be heard over the constant onslaught of big government programs that are being thrust upon us everyday.

Let your voice be heard. Send a letter today to your Congressman and Senator. Let them hear the true voice of America.

That voice is one of freedom, liberty and justice for all Americans.