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How do we sift through thoughts and feelings to decipher our highest personal guidance? First, congratulate yourself on desiring to reach for your personal best.


Your gift of life came with many gifts. One of them is intuition, and I like to call this our direct connection with what I call God Creator; the all-inclusive energy that is everywhere; intelligent, loving, miraculous, healthy, abundant, joyful, and wants us to grow and evolve in bliss. PS:  We are made of this, as there is nothing else.


So we are co-Creative and more miraculous than we know. Our Father/Mother God’s traits are our heritage, birth right and our highest truth of being. The free-will choices we make either keep us in the light of positive creation, or we step outside the light into devilish thinking and creations based on doubt, fear, hate, greed, lust, jealousy, etc.


Those, also being from the God Creator light source energy, can ultimately lead us back to the light creations, meaning that we learn and grow from challenges, at our own pace. Time is eternal so these attitudes may stem from a past life experience surfacing, or the past experiences of this life, living up to the natural law of attraction; you get what you give, you get what you believe. As co-Creator, our free-will gift also allows us to turn back to the light and follow bliss. As eternal beings, we truly have all the time in the world.


It’s from here we learn not to judge. We are made of the same light energy, taking different journeys and time, to return to the light. We learn from it all, so it all is, and they all are, our gift. To gain the blessings of listening consciously and discerning what is our intuitive higher guidance, I will offer some ways to practice. But first let’s tune in to your body, and your entire self.


Take a bit of time that you will allow yourself to just be with yourself; not doing anything else at the time. Notice how your body feels head to toe. Is there pain or discomfort? Make yourself as comfortable as possible. Sometimes we can relieve pain just by tuning in and breathing deeply intending for the breath of fresh air to invigorate and restore the area.


Maybe just stand, stretch, or shake the area to redistribute and re-enliven the energy there. Maybe a positive affirmation will lighten the load. Remember you are miraculous. If you don’t embrace that truth, you only limit your possibilities and potential from being divine.


Ask yourself is there anything stuck in my body or heart that it wants to reveal as bothering me? Wait patiently and listen. Maybe it will bring up a thought such as being afraid to attend an upcoming holiday gathering because you don’t feel as worthy as the others, expect to be diminished as ‘usual,’ or have to put up with a challenging situation. When a negative thought or feeling comes up it is a good practice not to stuff it, but notice the E-motion… as Energy in motion.


You can assist it in moving through and out of you by reminding yourself of truth. We are all created equal  from God’s source energy, equal in God’s heart, and have the right to our self-esteem, just for being alive. We all have ‘stuff’ and maybe it doesn’t appear outwardly in others. When we can love others unconditionally, without judgment, in this truth of sharing vulnerability as human, we can send love in advance of everywhere we go, expecting love and beauty to surround us everywhere.


Now for some practice in intuition to help in making decisions of any kind:


Here’s a game: Decide what meal is your favorite. Maybe it’s manicotti the way Aunt Mary Ann makes it, with her special garlic bread and amazing salad too. Then decide what food is your least favorite.  Is it liver, tongue; you name it?  Then in your inner talk say, tonight we are having (describe the favorite meal). Notice any subtle energy shift? Perhaps it stayed the same because you weren’t ruffled. That’s a positive sign. Or perhaps your energy felt like it expanded like light energy titillated.


Then, instead, in your inner talk say, tonight we are having (say the food/s that disgust you). Notice if some energy slightly seemed to tighten, or in any way brought an energy surge that could be interpreted as negative; maybe feel flush or hair stand up and tingle?


You can ask yourself from innocent to more important questions like, should I go to Flagstaff today. Should I go to Prescott instead? Should I buy that necklace? Should I invite Jane to meet me for lunch? Am I ready to get closer with Mike (or Michelle) at this time? Basically, by becoming familiar with your body’s reactions, you will get your answers for that time. If you need more exploration, you can do the practice asking if your body or mind want to reveal deeper issues within yourself.


We can practice affirmations so as to build truth back into our belief systems. We were taught many things by others and they live within us as truth, but when was the last time you examined those people’s theories you believe are fact?


I like to remember these thoughts when making decisions:


Have I checked inside for my truth in deciding what to do? (It can happen in seconds)


Am I remembering that I have faith all things are in divine order with the highest reasons?


Am I treating myself with self worth?


Am I treating others as I would like to be treated?


Is a decision based in integrity and fairness; win-win for all.


Love from Rachel Star of Sedona


Reach interfaith minister Rachel Star of Sedona at 928-282-3444, 850-566-6698 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Follow her on twitter as Rachelspirit and LIKE her Facebook page, Rachel Star of Sedona, to receive spiritual and astrological insights. Her free website is where you can find daily astrological guidance for the current month and much more. She is available for a positive, empowering Reading in Sedona, or by phone or Skype. Each consultation includes non-judgmental, positive and empowering Angelic Channeling, Tarot, Cards of Destiny, Numerology, Past Life insight and Astrology (with or without time and location of birth). Your personal horoscope charts are available too. Local rates are discounted. Classes, and individual or couples coaching are available at discounted rates for monthly, bi-weekly or weekly sessions in person or by phone. Feel  immediate physical and emotional relief with Reiki or Young Living medicine-grade essential oils. Learn more about Young Living at and request your one-on-one complimentary Young Living experience.



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