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All at once; solar flares, magnetic fluctuations, planes rerouted away from the north pole, Chinese new year of the water dragon, new moon in Aquarius, and mars seemingly stopping in the sky to go retrograde (reverse) which causes intense energy like a vortex.

The sun is in Aquarius, which is the zodiac sign that rules the airwaves, electricity, outerspace, and surprising events. It also brings enlightenment (which can be shocking, especially to those not open-minded, and come as aha’s), and seemingly shoots us out of a cannon so fast into a new and better time and space, a new age; that we are shocked at how fast we got there.

The same day as our new moon in Aquarius, near midnight Sunday night, January 22nd, mars stationed to go retrograde (stopping to go backwards, and inward to our spirit) for the first time in two years, and the Chinese new year of the water dragon roared.

Mars rules forward motion and our physical energy. Retrograde reverses that. Delta flights were re-routed, my friend was snowed in the midwest and couldn’t fly home. Another friend was unusually tired, asking if I felt that way too. I’d had 5 hours of sleep, myself, and reversed my decision to drive to Phoenix. I’m sure you have stories too, because planets’ magnetic energies effect us all, without requiring one to believe it.

Sunday night I watched ”Brad Meltzer’s Decoded” on TV, about the triangle in Alaska, like the Bermuda Triangle by Florida, where planes, ships and people disappear at an eerily rate; 16 times the national average.  They spoke of vortexes and magnetic fields, because Alaska is by the north pole, and explained that in the triangle, there is electronic interference, and people react differently psychically or physically. Vortex is an opening to a spiritual dimension. Sound can accompany it; epiphanies are claimed. The regulars on the show braved a flight, and we saw them experience the compass out of control in the triangle. Later, they were shown a man-made vortex, which looked like a 3” disk, using 3 magnets and were told it changes perception. We could see for ourselves how the two show regulars’ heights changed dramatically in our perception.

Synchronistically, also Sunday night, with all of the planetary energies occurring, I could not sleep, and didn’t become able, until  7 am Monday morning, waking at noon; hence the 5 hour rest I mentioned. I did get some new aha’s, awake during those wee hours.

After the next night, Monday, I woke up Tuesday morning having had a dream that something shocking was occurring.  I had dreamt that I was awake in bed at home, and there was some woman going into my wardrobe closet, whom I felt was my fashion stylist, arranging my wardrobe in the clothes closet. I watch a lot of fashion and stylist shows so it was bound to show up in my dreams. The bed was on the opposite wall of how it is in my actual home (retrograde/reverse motion). Then I heard noises, which I thought was rain… even coming from inside the clothes closet, so I rolled opened the closet door, speaking to her about it, but she and my clothing were gone, vanished.  In fact, the entire closet was empty. In my dream, that was absolutely shocking to me.

However, I walked to open the room’s door calmly, having no anxiety, and saw what looked like a couple of paint peelings on the wall maybe from water, opened the door, and now I must have been in my office where I work from in Sedona ; (you know how things change suddenly in dreams), because right there was the hallway and staircase outside of my real-life office door, but they were switched around from where they are in reality (retrograde/reverse). There was a woman near the top of the stairs who looked at me. She was built amply, perhaps in her 60s, I picked up that she seemed to have nice energy, and was wearing white, with white or gray hair. I don’t know who she was. I gasped in shock seeing the reversal of the stairs and hall, on top of the disappearance I had just experienced. I awakened remembering my shocking feelings and the gasp, but was calm and peaceful as usual. I tend to recover from “challenging” intense energy situations immediately, returning to a peaceful state, knowing it is our true state.

A bit later I read about the solar flares. Were Sedona’s vortexes effected by the solar flares, and/or these other synchronistic events combined, and speaking to my sensitive energy? Has the Age of Aquarius/ Age of Enlightenment been ushered in? Are poles shifting (hopefully gently and over time) as predicted? Are shades of the 2012 astrological shift being introduced? Are we ascending upwards in consciousness frequency; is this the ascension? We have free will of our mind, which is creative, so always expect the gentle, easy and comfortable, emotionally.

The Chinese New Year always occurs each year whenever we have our new moon in Aquarius. New Moons are times of building and growing the themes of the sign it is in. Aquarius is the water bearer pouring enlightenment and truth on the collective consciousness of mankind, espousing the highest principles and intellect, the angelic realm, 40 years ahead of its time, revolution for freedom to be who you really are, speaking truth even if it’s not popular, independence, cutting-edge technology, inventions to benefit mankind and rapidly change the world for the better, brotherhood because we are all one, saving the planet, ETs and UFOs, outerspace and the air waves, groups, friends, science, ancient history and the futuristic, new age truth and wisdom that life can be utopian. It rules broadcasting to the masses to wake up. It is the unique, outside-of-the box and surprising, because it exposes what we have believed is real and traditional as not so any longer, it’s unpredictable, unconventional and a synonym for astrology; the language of spirit in the cosmos, which is also inside us.

This is the year of the Water Dragon, considered emperor and unpredictable. Watch water themes. It will be transformational, but how wonderful or challenging will depend on how you ride the water dragon. Water is emotions. Improve yourself, build on what is truly valuable and be grateful for your blessings rather than complain what you don’t have, to expand more. Take risks. There is much promise if you do all this, and 2012 can be better than 2011. The key is on improving one’s self and realizing truth.

Oprah (aquarius) just interviewed spiritual author, speaker Wayne Dyer, who reminds us that spirit (what we call God) created us and as we evolved in the womb (water), were surrendered with only God in control, so continue riding the wave of spirit’s creational plan for you, always asking to be shown how things are in your best interest or the highest good of all. Follow your inner intuition because that is Spirit inside you, and enjoy your flowing ride.

Then she interviewed Rev. Ed Bacon, Episcopal minister, son of a Baptist preacher, who explained how Jewish Jesus points out that we have the spirit of God within us all, believing Jesus could be persecuted and killed today for speaking the truth again. He believes that we don’t need church attendance to live in spiritual awe and joy or love each other unconditionally, as God loves without judgment. He’s not about filling seats in church or your temple; he simply wants everyone to know God personally.

He spoke about those who believe they must live by religious law as interpreted by man, and self-righteously, angrily belittle others as not worthy, or as good as themselves, shunning or hurting them…that they are missing the point; we are all equally valued in God’s love, who shuns none, and that those who act hatefully can at any moment see the light just as it is there for any human at any moment, without prejudice.

This is the dawning of the age of aquarius is the first song I sang on stage which led to my NY recording contract, before I ever studied astrology and spirituality:  When the moon is in the seventh house and Jupiter aligns with Mars, then peace will guide the planets and love will steer the stars, harmony and understanding, sympathy and trust abounding, no more falsehoods or derisions, golden living dreams of visions, mystic crystal revelation (the interpretation for ‘apocalypse’), and the mind's true liberation!
Aquarius! Aquarius! Let the sun shine in!

Love from Rachel Star of Sedona


Reach interfaith minister Rachel Star of Sedona at 928-282-3444, 850-566-6698 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Follow her on facebook and twitter as Rachelspirit.  Her website is  She is available for a positive, empowering Reading at either of her locations in Sedona, or by phone and skype.  Each consultation includes angelic channeling, tarot, cards of destiny, numerology, past life insight and astrology (with or without time and location of birth; horoscopes are available). Classes and individual or couples counseling is also available, as well as physical and emotional relief with Reiki or Young Living medicine-grade essential oils.

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