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Do you spend your time complaining about whatever doesn’t seem right or fair, or what you would call downright despicable? Are you getting so tired of life being a mess, as you might call it, that you are wanting a long sleep? Is your perception of life weighing you down? How many times do we say or hear, That (person) is gonna be the death of me, it’s killing me to…., I’ve been breaking my back for…he/she broke my heart, or I could just die, and more?


Do you like living or not? Are you desiring to live long or declaring your way out? We’ve talked before in my columns about the power of words in general, but more importantly, there is a secret about what really is unconscious suicide; a secret that could help you live not only longer but happier and healthier.


Take a little quiz. First notice the energy in your body right now. Are you reading this while under deadlines at work or in any way feeling a little tense? To take the quiz I would like you to be in a normal relaxed state and really notice the calm state you are in. I don’t mean meditative state or sleep-ready state, just regular, not tense, state. Now, ask yourself two questions; one after the other.


What is one of your favorite foods? Your energy should have stayed the same. If your least favorite and foul smelling food was put in front of you as the only thing you can eat, do you recognize how your energy feels now?


If you want to ask yourself your own test questions, be able to notice which question keeps your energy calm and which question allows you to recognize a subtle or not so subtle change of energy in you. How often do you create or allow a sickening rise of toxic flare-up? Have you become a nuclear Waste plant? Do you Waste your gift of beautiful life force energy?


This, by the way, is a great way to gain your highest and best answers for what is in your best interests when faced with choices. If you ask questions about anger, listen to your spirit help you diffuse.


On a general, day-to-day basis, are you giving rise to much energy that is not calm?... A constant complainer on facebook, always bringing up subjects in conversation that annoy you or even anger you? 


You are not only choosing that energy for yourself, but sharing it with others. NOT a gift.  How about choosing to fall asleep in joyful, grateful, loving thoughts that God the good is in charge and miraculous?


There is a higher law than most of us pay attention to or give much importance. It is action and reaction. A higher morality serves us well in more ways than you may realize, and that embodies love. There is ALWAYS a reaction in our bodies, and it Includes calm inner peace, joy bliss, unconditional loving, but can also react to your anger, hatred, envy, egotism and intolerance.


These register a diagnosis in the cells of the body. Though they possess immeasurable reserves, they can’t endure year after year of maltreatment. Our systems either sparkle or inflame our cells. You are at the controls. Are you systematically enflamed about ‘stuff?’ Can you turn it down a notch or two please?


If you can make a difference in what irks you, do, yet it doesn’t mean you must have a particular mindset that has to be on high heat. Think about it. We’ve been warned not to sweat the small stuff. Is everything huge to you? God doesn’t know big or small.


You could choose thoughts that bring joy for being able to participate in repair and rebuilding whatever ‘it’ is. Yes that is a real, and tender, ripe, choice, choice for your precious system.


What is involved when you are ‘hot?’ Too hot and the system will blow up. How about bowels (can’t let that go), gall (that galls me) bladder, esophagus (find that hard to swallow), stomach (can’t stomach that), constipation (holding on to that), abdomen (poisonous thoughts), eating disorders (fed up), insomnia (don’t know how to give it a rest and surrender with faith). Do you get the idea?


When your medical provider hands you a diagnosis that you aren’t happy with, it could well be that the diagnosis is due to you not choosing to be happy. So, how to be happy? Start with how do you perceive what I call God? Punisher, to be feared, makes bad things happen, etc.?


How about gives us free will to take charge of our perceptions; thereby happiness or anger. Also, all which occurs has a higher reason so has value. Add in only loves unconditionally so wants us to behave in that way too. Wants the best for us, i.e. only good.


Maya Angelou says when we know better we do better. Oprah, as a long-time journalist concludes that when people ignore issues, something big will happen to get our attention. It’s not how to punish each other but wake up to root causes and treat each other better.


Always ask what can I learn from that? What were we blind to that is glaring at us to delve deeper into the root cause? Did that person have such mistreatment that only nonjudgmental love and forgiveness can give them a lift into potentially rising?


We learn that antidepressants, and benzodiazapenes like valium, xanax and klonopin mask emotional issues but don’t make them go away; in fact make things worse and are highly addictive. People go looking for guns in that state of empty spirit, inside.


People in the news and those with the reins of our policies and traditions are human too and may veer from the truth for ego. Life does eventually ‘out’ truth and bring issues to light as spiritual balance is always the real force and glue.


It may not be on your timetable, but knowing God is trustworthy and the divine timer, can allow you to keep from blowing up your own personal toxic balloon in your own face. Living in that faith allows you to take things lightly, from a higher viewpoint, and focus on more happiness in your personal world. We must save and heal our own spirit.


In your life’s time, live from love and faith that God has good intentions, good reasons, good solutions, and goodness meant for us all, in divine time. Or you can choose unconscious personal suicide.


I Know it’s heavenly on the other side, and we are eternal, but you may want to stay alive longer in this incarnation, and enjoy some more of what life has to offer. Seeing the good or not is your God-given free will. Grow and evolve in bliss now or later, also your free will. I hope you save yourself. Dance!


Love from Rachel Star of Sedona


Reach Rachel Star of Sedona at 928-282-3444, 850-566-6698 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . LIKE her Facebook page, Rachel Star of Sedona.  Her free website is where you can find daily astrological guidance for the current month and more. She is available for a positive, empowering Reading in Sedona, or by phone or Skype. Each accurate consultation is spiritually insightful & guiding inspiration via Tarot, Cards of Destiny, Numerology, Past Life insight and Astrology. Local rates are discounted. Check website for new, upcoming classes or speaking engagements. Individual or couples life coaching sessions are available at discounted rates in person or by phone. Feel immediate physical and emotional relief with Reiki or Young Living medicine-grade essential oils.


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