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Love and its facets. Love and its feelings. Love is life. Love is the beginning, the middle, the evermore. It is what we yearn for and even when we have it, we want more. Love fills the cup, then our cup expands. The root is God’s love and the most important human love is self love.


Into the light from the womb we emerge and mother’s love has already been growing for us, for months. When we appear, the parents’ love toward us can swell in ways beyond imagining. That soulful connection leads to our being fiercely protected by their love. So much so that we might be let go into our destined journey with others to care for us.


No matter whom mothered or fathered us, or how, we were following our spiritual decision that would hopefully bring about stability of deeper internal understanding, that there is only love, under wrappings of past experiences that didn’t feel like love. Time allows us to remove the wrap and be authentic in who we all really are. Love.


Add a romantic partner and friends ‘having your back,’ and we think we’re set. Romance and friendship take work, sometimes just like a job. We are required to look deeper into ourselves in order to learn how to climb hills or mountains for us to evolve higher.


That, in a nutshell, is why we are here. Relationships provide both nurturing and challenges in order to look within. Some relationships will be let go. What was the blessed teaching gift it gave us? Pointing fingers at others delays our own growth.


People fill with love just by gazing at we, the wee newborn. Oh to be gazed upon endlessly with affection, another’s fingers gently breezing across our head, our forehead, our ears, being held, kissed, lulled and sung to, as when we were a child.


We’re not newborn, yet to mother father God, we are always precious and unconditionally loved. Imagine feeling held in the arms of an angel. That is as real as a memory. In fact, that may be our deepest memory and our future and eternal bliss.


Being held precious by other humans may be a physical reflection and copy of the real preciousness we vaguely remember as our spiritual truth. We, as human, strive to be as loving as spiritual love. Here on planet earth, is training ground.


As we grow from the crib into the bed, and even beyond, we often don’t notice how painstakingly our parent or caregiver arranges schedules to meet our needs. Babysitters are carefully selected. If the parent isn’t home for dinner it may be because they are earning financial security for you. The parent and child may miss each other when apart, like a knife to the heart might feel. Love is bliss, love can hurt. Transmute the hurt into gratefulness.


The child growing is told ‘no’ sometimes in stern ways and may begin to feel unloved, not realizing it is love that said no. A child may observe a sibling being loved and feel less than. Though really only dark imaginings, it may feel  real. Receiving a box of hand-me-down clothing from a relative who owns a fabulous store full of wondrous wearables that their daughter wore first, a growing child may feel less than.


Observing the parents struggle with another sibling who may be needing discipline often, the child may love their parents so much that he or she doesn’t bring their own confusions or traumas to them, not to further burden them, not understanding that building steam with no outlet will burst somehow.


The child may run away from home. The child may begin to emulate others’ habits not in their best interests.  It may take years or decades to undo.


Truth is, there is only love, yet some things aren’t taught as training. Just like medical practitioners weren’t taught basic nutrition or talk therapy as preventative or curative medicine and are now handing out dangerous medications like candy. Parents and growing children may self medicate to blot out feelings they don’t know how to handle.


Love is listening, encouraging others to express their feelings, confusion, overwhelm, hurts, etc.  You don’t have to be the parent. When someone tells you they feel uncomfortable and wish to talk it out with you, do you put it off until it may go away? Do you turn your back until the person is no longer in your life?


Love is a valuable commodity. Call it by many things, it is what we all are nourished with.


Romantic feelings and dating starts very young. We learn by experience. Thank those who played the game with you. We have gained a lot from their part in the play, making us better at loving.


When we miss people, be grateful that the feeling of love in our hearts is still there. Whether lost to our life through years, or on the other side of the invisible line of life and death, or gone for three weeks or just missing them while they are at work today,


Love knows no space or time. How blessed we are to have love or loved. Have you learned to love God or fear that God is the Punisher? Have you learned to love yourself beyond judgement? Then you can feel joy and wholeness right now. Tell Yourself what you think only someone else should tell you. Treat Yourself to a gift, or movie or vacation.


Life is your mirror. You may be getting the mirror of expecting to be hurt, left, disrespected. When you raise your own frequency of life and love within yourself, watch what happens.


Oh love, thank you God, universe, holy spirit, divine loving intelligence, source energy, for loving me eternally. I am willing to notice and feel your love. You show me I am whole. You encourage me to open my arms to more love. You nurture my heart, in times of missing human love, filling me with gratitude for every little thing in life, to meditate on, that you have given me, to feel  unbounded awe, by your holy love.


Love from Rachel Star of Sedona


You can view Rachel’s TV Show, The Sedona New Age Show, from her website www.goddesstheway.comwhere you can also find her upcoming local classes, classes for purchase, daily astrological guidance, Bible quotes and more. Reach Rachel at 928-282-3444, 850-566-6698 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . LIKE her Facebook page, Rachel Star of Sedona. Each accurate positive, empowering, healing Reading consultation is spiritually insightful with guiding inspiration via loving Tarot, Cards of Destiny, Astrology, Past Life insight and Numbers. Local resident, phone and skype rates are discounted. Feel immediate physical and emotional relief with Reiki or Young Living medicine-grade essential oils.



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