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Maya Angelou is our angel now. Even her name in life sounded like ’my angel oooh!’ Born Marguerite Annie Johnson, she passed comfortably on May 28. Laura Belle Wynne was my 90 year old friend for 4 years, and now my personal angel. (‘They’ say an angel gets its wings when we hear a bell – Belle - ring, and she certainly was a win – Wynne – in life, for all who knew her). She passed comfortably on April 22.


These two glorious black matriarchs did not know each other, to the best of my knowledge, though close in age and magnificent in their courageous, no-nonsense, inspirational characters. Though both lived during times of severe prejudice about their color, both were legendary in their own way, inspiring and eliciting healing through wisdom to multitudes of every race, creed and gender, all over the world. Both were called ‘Mom’ by those they inspired everywhere.


As they journeyed onward, within about a month of each other, I wonder if they have met now. They deserve each other and their high vibrational frequencies could likely draw them close.


When my dad passed, a humble, noble and great spirit born on Christmas day, loved by all, Princess Diana and Mother Theresa passed within a month. He belonged with spirits like theirs. My Mom was dynamic, artistic, with pizzaz, also beloved by all, and went in the company of Lucille Ball and other acclaimed artists, seven years before my Dad.


For one, death reminds us to seize the day. Express love. Assist others. Follow your dreams. Be happy Now. It stalks us from birth, and its time is a mystery to us all. We know of Dr. Angelou’s artistic, creative brilliance and notorious acclaim, including chosen poet at President Clinton’s inauguration. Civil rights activist, dancer, singer, actress, producer, director, professor, author, poet, who hasn’t heard of her poem, I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings.


Laura Belle Wynn was long a mentor at highly publicized Synanon in California, where she assisted in changing the lives; in fact giving back lives worth living, to those riddled with alcoholism/addictions. Having to meet people in the grit of the pits, the depths of their hell, to lift them out, cursing language and all, she survived its crazy days, being the rock of sanity through the Center’s bumpy ride.


She went on to offer Absolutely Free help with life, to any one at all able to phone her through the years, speaking up to late hours with those in need, near up to the end of her own life, having left behind much of the ‘mandatory’ cursing it took to match an addict’s tongue to earn their attention, except one fond word.


Otherwise she was a lady of poise, class and beauty. Always looking perfectly put together, she was one of grace and elegance. Just like Maya. It was that one word that might come out of her mouth if necessary in explaining something to make a blunt point.


These are some of her favorite sayings, “Say Yes to the universe and the universe says yes to you, Admitting you’re an asshole is the first step.  No matter what’s going on I dress up and show up…there are people out there that need love, I put one hand on their shoulder and one foot up their ‘a,’ What people think about me is none of my business, I love the love of God in my soul and I love the love of God in _________’s soul.” When asked how she was, “Never felt better, never had more.”


I attended the four-hour Celebration of Laura’s life this past weekend and met people who came from all over the world to celebrate her, share stories, look at photos and videos, and take some of her clothes and belongings she left for anyone to have a part of her. Others spent the rest of the weekend together in continuing gratitude and respect for her.


In fact the quote on her bookmark commemoration, with her photo, for us all to take, ended with…”God said to me, Laura, I’ve got too many a-holes up here. Will you take half of them?”


She taught Love, tolerance, kindness, patience, laughter, wisdom, self-esteem, forgiveness, setting boundaries, spirituality, personal freedom, and more. I realize the honor of her saying we were doing similar work; she never called me an ‘a.’ When someone passed away she would explain, ‘Good for them.’ She knew it was something worthwhile; a graduation.


Since Laura’s passing I have heard from her a great deal, even more than in her dense physical form. In fact she walked me down the path as I was leaving the day’s celebration. She and I loved scarves and as we walked I heard a gentleman say, here are the rest of her scarves. I knew that was her cue for me to have her scarves. She and I had similar taste in loving color and pizzaz. 


She was maya angel, oooh!  Who is your living angel? Are you someone’s angel today? Yes, you are. Good for you, now.


Love from Rachel Star of Sedona


View Rachel’s TV/You Tube Show, The Sedona New Age Show, from her website www.goddesstheway.comwhere you can also find her video classes for purchase, the month’s astrology, and more. Reach Rachel at 928-282-3444, 850-566-6698 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . LIKE her Facebook page, Rachel Star of Sedona. Each accurate positive, empowering, healing Reading consultation is insightful with guiding spiritual inspiration via loving Tarot, Cards of Destiny, Astrology, Past Life insight and Numbers. Phone, Skype and local resident rates are discounted. Feel immediate physical and emotional relief with Reiki or Young Living medicine-grade essential oils.



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