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The 20th Annual Sedona International Film Festival has been going on. Usually people are walking on the Red Rocks path ways here, year round, and no matter how many visit Sedona at one time, the rocks are still never crowded, considering the vastness of Sedona’s trails and unbelievable views. 


In these ten days of visitors from all over the world peppering Sedona to see incredible films and documentaries, it’s kind of funny to see the actual sidewalks full of people. Walking from their resorts to their restaurants, and their movie theatre, as we have eight theatres in small-town Sedona.


Do you think we Sedona residents like films?... with eight theatres in our very small town? Actually we have even more locales to view films and stage performances. Yes, Sedona is home to a multitude of creative minds and hearts; from all modalities of art, music and film, and Hollywood legends, icons as well as those whose names aren’t on the tip of our minds, live here.  


We’re close enough, even by car, to  Palm Springs and ‘Hollywood’ without almost daily freeway snafus or accidents, pretty much crime free, fresh mountain air, the scenery movies are made of, and an underlying presence of spirituality, mystical wonder, and peace.


Sedona inspires creation. The spiritual souls of mankind are filled with God’s magnificent inspirations, and to live amidst natural art, everywhere we look in Sedona, evokes magical feelings that energize living itself. We can never encompass every awesome sight available to us.


Every nuance of the sun or clouds paints a new picture that evokes a larger breath in, stimulating our bliss. You may know that Sedona was the famous backdrop for so many iconic movies of the old west. 


I was walking from my car to one of our theatres the other day during the Film Festival and noticed a man dressed in all black, with a lot of black hair, walking to likely the same place as I.


Without typecasting a type, my natural thought was that he was involved in a film, perhaps from Los Angeles, where many films are made and brought to Sedona, if chosen from thousands, to have a showing. Over the years I’ve seen many people dressed in all black during Film Festival days, and made the same supposition …a Hollywood type. 


Coming from the New York City area, myself, I’ve come to notice those in the TV, music and film industry wear a lot of black. I, myself, like to wear black. Sometimes I sparkle like glitter similar to those on the red carpets because I grew up around the show biz glitz arena. If you’ve followed me, you have read that I was a recording artist, etc. But I also like Color, whether soft or bold, and creatively inspired pattern and design.


Turns out I was right. After the film that I had been walking over to the theatre to watch, he was introduced as the creator. Turns out he was also the main character (I hadn’t seen his face). In the film he stated that creativity doesn’t come from logic but from what’s beneath the surface. It was a film about relationships and making film, and we were able to notice that some of his camera nuances mirrored what came from deeper thoughts and feelings bubbling to the surface from relationship experiences.


Pay attention to what’s beneath your surface. That’s what shows in our actions, though we may not know what motivated certain behaviors in our self and others. An actor often says to the director, what’s my motivation in this scene, before he portrays his character. The writer already took the time to think about what lays deep, to have laid out the book or screenplay.


For years now, into adulthood, I have come to realize that examining my motives, either before or after a situation, helps me know myself better and tweak a happier, healthier-minded me. What was my part in a scene’s drama, what can I learn from the movie I write, star in and produce? Who plays a part and why?


One of the perks of the Film Festival is that usually the players; producer, director, stars, speak to us from the stage, afterward, answering questions.  I wanted to stay and listen to him yet I was called to take part in my own movie. My own video production show co-stars texted, could I take a spontaneous meeting to prepare for the next day’s shooting.


I’m ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille.


Love from Rachel Star of Sedona


You can View Rachel’s TV Show, The Sedona New Age Show, from her website www.goddesstheway.comwhere you can also find her upcoming local classes, classes for purchase, daily astrological guidance, Bible quotes and more. Reach Rachel at 928-282-3444, 850-566-6698 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . LIKE her Facebook page, Rachel Star of Sedona. Each accurate positive, empowering, healing Reading consultation is spiritually insightful with guiding inspiration via loving Tarot, Cards of Destiny, Astrology, Past Life insight and Numbers. Local resident, phone and skype rates are discounted. Feel immediate physical and emotional relief with Reiki or Young Living medicine-grade essential oils.



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