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Yes, it really is my birthday. Well, not as I write this, but hopefully it will be published for you to read on February 7. It’s interesting, isn’t it, how our date of birth holds a magical feeling for us?


 Unless you don’t like your birth date, but I would imagine that is a low percentage of people. Is it because of age? What a gift to be living long. Each moment can turn a new corner, unexpectedly, and bring new love, a new child born to the family, a new friend, a reuniting, the dream job, freedom from a chronic issue, you name it.


 Remember just as electricity moves up and down through the air, we have biorhythms and if you feel down, up is next.


 Why do I like birthdays? Because people show they care, by saying so, calling, emailing, carding, phoning, gifting or surprising. It can be sprinkled with fairy dust. But even if not, I know it’s a special date to me and I sparkle inside.


 I can’t expect people to remember my birthday, they have their own lives and busyness to live. Especially if it’s males. Isn’t it usually the females that mark calendars and reach out?


 Since now you know I was born on February 7, do you also know that it is that time of year when the Sun is always located in the zodiac piece of the sky that is called Aquarius?  In this day and age most everyone living in civilized conditions knows their sun sign. What’s your sign? That was the saying of the time years ago when meeting a potential date in a social situation.


 Back in the day, before then, hardly anyone knew their sun sign. And that wasn’t too long ago. Before the computer, cell phone and such. Would you agree that finding out someone’s sun sign gives you a peek into some characteristics that person may be influenced by? For instance, Aquarians can be interested in things that are unusual, unique and ahead of the time. Astrology, for instance.


 A Pisces may be an avid movie watcher, artistic and sensitive. Aries may be spontaneous and competitive. Taurus likely interested in financial security, ownership and touch. Gemini will tend to be very communicative and juggle many things at once. Can You attach traits to zodiac signs? You can take these and play with it. Ask your nephew or uncle when he was born, or what sun sign he is, because I’ll bet he already knows. Tell him you’re playing with it, list a characteristic or two and see if he agrees.


 Cancer loves home, mother and family. Leo exhibits pride and tends to stand out. Virgo is detail and service oriented. Libra all about beauty, harmony and relationships. Scorpio exudes intensity and sensuality. Sagittarius loves to travel and learn, while Capricorn is serious and hardworking.


 Do you agree? If not, then keep in mind astrology is more than your sun sign. Moon sign is Really who you are as an emotionally instinctual being. Mercury how you think and communicate. Venus how and what you love, Mars what stimulates and motivates you, etc.


 We can think of every moment as a new birth moment, every day like springtime, in that we don’t have to wait for New Year’s Day or our birthday for changing and upgrading our selves.


 However on your birthday, you take on a new number. Add month and day to the numbers of the year, so for me, 2 and 7 and 2 and 0 and 1 and 4 makes the new year’s number for me a 7. Each number gives insight into what kind of year it will be. One is new beginnings, two partnership or love, three communication, four things become solid, five brings exciting changes, six new perceptions and answers come, seven is spiritual; God has the wheel, eight is power and money, nine letting go of outworn things.


 One more thing, the moment the sun revisits the same degree and minute of the zodiac sign where it was when you were born; in my case 18 degrees and 40 minutes Aquarius, …is the Actual time of your birthday every year. Your birthday may actually occur a day before or after what you think it is. So some years my actual birthday is on Feb. 6 or 8th. I was born at night, but this year my birthday occurs early in the morning on the 7th, because that is when the sun is at 18 degrees and 40 minutes Aquarius.


 In some countries the birthday person makes the party and brings the food and drink. I’ll be sharing an Aquarian party with a friend from this tradition and we will provide the fun for our guests.


 So happy birthday, this year. This information is my gift to you.


 Love from Rachel Star of Sedona


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