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Where do you have Gemini in your chart? You may not have any planets in Gemini, but its characteristics are active in at least one house of your astrology chart. Is it your house of marriage and significant relationships, the house of money and earned income? You may want to find out, but if you pay attention you’ll notice. Maybe it’s career, home and family, etc.

We’re talking about Gemini these days because it’s the time of year that the Sun is in Gemini. Happy birthdays Geminis. But there’s so much more Gemini activity! We had a Solar Eclipse New Moon in Gemini toward the end of May, which eclipsed out past Gem issues, and ushered in new Gemini type of fate and destiny that will build over a year or two. We’ll have our second New Moon in Gemini the morning of June 19. Having two New Moons in Gemini is rare, so we get to launch new Gem projects and desires, twice! Venus is retrograde in Gemini, and Jupiter just went into Gemini to spread wonderful fairy dust luck onto the Gemini area of your chart for one whole year.

Geminis, you’ve waited 12 years for Jupiter to bring blessings again, and once the year is over, you’ll wait 12 more years for it to return. Don’t miss the brass ring this year. Take advantage of the expansion and good fortune awaiting you.

Since Gemini rules all forms of communication, I’ll give you some other areas and traits that everyone can take advantage of in creating magic: with brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles, neighbors, neighborhoods, writing, gaining information, juggling lots of activity, taking short excursions, having fun, feeling youthful like a kid again, being charming, and selling.

Since Gemini does rule all forms of communication let’s watch out for gossip and saying things we don’t want. Instead of saying I AM having problems, say I AM always attracting solutions. Instead of I AM sick, how about I AM always regenerating good health. You get the idea. Since Gemini represents the twins, why not get a partner or friend involved in listening closely to what each other says, and sweetly remind one another to stay on the positive track. Instead of I AM worried about… whatever, I AM confident that all things work out positively in the higher scheme of God’s good plan.

The spotlight of the Sun only has one week left in Gemini before it swings into Cancer, but Venus will be in Gemini until the end of the first week in August. Keep in mind that she is retrograde until the morning of June 27, bringing us inner thoughts about what is love, whom have I loved, and how am I loving and being loved. Gemini twins are twofold, so it can be fickle, flirty and bring us an abundance of ideas that may seem dual. Retrograde means she’s taking us back, instead of moving us ahead, so you may connect with past loves, or loves from past life. It’s best to wait until she’s moving forward again to make important moves regarding love. Venus also rules money and beauty, so I wouldn’t suggest getting cosmetic surgery, and can you wait on big ticket purchases until she is floating forward again?

In fact, for months, I’ve also been seeing the insight from Tarot cards suggesting  clients wait for important ventures until mid August, probably because Mercury is retrograding right after Venus. Lots of time to think or assimilate, but there’s always new information after a retrograde ends, which we’ll need  to know for making informed decisions.

Your lucky charm is located where Gemini is in your chart. Sun sign Geminis, this is your year. You’re off and running. You may become Gemini restless waiting for the best playing field in mid August but watch how things pick up especially then.

In the meantime you can meditate, a wonderful form of communication within that you will love, which can transform that Gem nervous tension into calm centeredness, just what the inner Gemini in all of us has always wished for. Twenty minutes out of twenty-four hours is easy, sitting upright with eyes closed, focusing on your breathing, and as mind wanders, return your focal point to your breath again. Watch what dreams may come, because what we do within, is where Gemini magic is created from!

Love from Rachel Star of Sedona


Reach interfaith minister Rachel Star of Sedona at 928-282-3444, 850-566-6698 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Follow her on facebook and twitter as Rachelspirit.  Her website is  She is available for a positive, empowering Reading at either of her locations in Sedona, or by phone and skype.  Each consultation includes angelic channeling, tarot, cards of destiny, numerology, past life insight and astrology (with or without time and location of birth; horoscopes are available). Classes and individual or couples counseling is also available, as well as physical and emotional relief with Reiki or Young Living medicine-grade essential oils.

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