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If we’ll take the time to go back and track how we got to this part of our lives, whatever it seems like, we have to connect the dots. I’ll give you some examples of mine, and perhaps it will encourage you to look back and see what got you where you are.

You may have judged that some dots in your past were highly unpleasant and unfair, but let’s see where they led you. I had an emotionally challenging relationship experience many years (seems like lifetimes) ago, which had me feeling very sad, and not too good about myself, based on what the fellow in my romantic relationship began saying to me. He had started drinking when he realized that it was time for us to return his young son to his first wife, from a teen pregnancy-related marriage, per their agreement. That loss and subsequent coddling himself with the bottle, led to ugly behavior and words.

Substance abuse can take away a person’s clear thinking and hurt others, as well as clearly hurting their own self. If someone is relying on what others think and say about them, hurtful words can lower one’s self esteem, and lower them into a pit. That was the young and naïve me. When I chose to help myself, I reached out and found support groups, making some friends for life. I also went to Al Anon meetings and learned I needed to focus on my own issues; though I had gone to fix him, as so many think they can do. We cannot.

Al Anon began a deep spiritual awakening, and a friend brought me to her spiritual gathering place of emotional and soul growth and healing. That enlightened insight became my diving board into the peace that I have had for decades, which people remark about. That is what I have been ministering about and giving classes and spiritual counsel about, for decades.

Here’s another. I was attending a pot luck gathering in Paradise Valley for more education about my precious medicine-grade essential oils. After 18 years loving them, and sharing with others about their natural immediate benefits of relief and steadfast vitality, I was thrilled to meet the doctor who co-founded the American Holistic Medical Association, and had written books about these precious healing gems. I had quoted him for years and now we were having dinner together.

Upon learning I lived in Sedona he asked if I would do him a favor to find a real estate agent of integrity who could get him into the right and perfect home, so that he could come here summers. Of course, I was happy to do so. I was looking for a more upscale rental home of my own, and in driving by a potential rental, there was a man outside washing his car. I inquired if he knew about the rental next door, which he did. I noticed he had a real estate sign by his own driveway and that he was a broker agent.

I was impressed by his wonderful demeanor, (and he was nice looking to boot), so I phoned some days later to see if he could help this doctor find a home. We exchanged emails and his character continued to be refined and polite. At last we met for coffee to get the doctor on the phone with him, and discuss potential homes he had reviewed by email. Afterward, we stayed and continued to get to know each other. We were both delighted with each others’ integrity and demeanor, so eventually we did a hike together, then lunches and more; always having each others’ best interests at heart and sharing suggestions for each others’ career benefit. He suggested I contact the Red Rock News to see about sharing my positive spiritual writing with you all. After being invited to submit previous writings I had been doing through the years, I was honored to learn that I was their selection, to write positive spiritual articles, available to be read on their worldwide website, and the rest is history.

We continued as caring friends, and he fell in love…with a wonderful gal just perfect for him. Did you think this was going to be my Cinderella story? That was not in the cards, and The one will show when divine timing reveals it. I still cherish his friendship.

We play a role in each other’s lives, so let it be from integrity and unconditional, nonjudgmental loving (and forgiveness); your God-given human design. Each person playing a part in your puzzle has been a gift, even if in disguise, to empower yourself and lift yourself to your higher self.

As you live dot to dot, you can view everyone and every situation as your blessing. Therein lies your peace.

Love from Rachel Star of Sedona


Reach interfaith minister Rachel Star of Sedona at 928-282-3444, 850-566-6698 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Follow her on facebook and twitter as Rachelspirit.  Her free website is where you can find daily astrological guidance.  She is available for a positive, empowering Reading in Sedona, or by phone or skype.  Each consultation includes positive and empowering angelic channeling, tarot, cards of destiny, numerology, past life insight and astrology (with or without time and location of birth; and horoscopes are available). Classes and individual or couples counseling is also available, as well as physical and emotional relief with Reiki or Young Living medicine-grade essential oils.

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