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When home in Sedona I like to rise and shine any time after 8:30; my gift for having had to get up much earlier for so many years, to get ready to go and often travel an hour or more to be early or on time for 8 or 8:30.

I don’t have to hear an alarming sound from a clock anymore, just rise naturally, unless I have an appointment that I chose for earlier. So here, away from home I have been in a time zone two hours later, and to meet an 8:30 appointment, I must be showered and dressed to drive and arrive by what is really 6:30 am, my body time, so I have been getting up around 4:30 (Sedona time).

That doesn’t feel thoroughly alarming psychologically because the clock says 6:30 when I wake, not 4:30. On some other mornings here on the east coast, when I can rise early enough for the hotel’s complimentary breakfast, which ends at 9am (7am my inner time), I must still be presentable among the other guests by what to me is really 6:30 so that means starting much earlier too. In all the vast preparations for this trip, the thought of a two hour time difference didn’t seem like a big deal.

I’ve always wanted to be a natural early bird, but starting as a young adult, with years as a ‘singer with the band’ our shows ended late then we were wide awake, so my inner clock kept me a night owl. This past Saturday morning, on my trip, I was able to sleep in until 9:45, and felt mischievous looking at the clock, but it actually was only 7:45 Sedona time; still early for me!?!

My mind and body are truly being swirled like a vortex, and we’ll see if once home I begin to wake early naturally. That would be A-okay with me. Yesterday morning, Tuesday, without an early morning scheduled on my trip, I woke on my own at 7:30/5:30 and I’m no longer spending days yawning or feeling a lack of sleep.

If I could save time in a bottle, when I’m supposed to come home to Oz/Sedona, I’d click the heels on my ruby slippers, repeat ‘there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home,’ fly like a bird over the big beautiful rainbow I saw Monday, and be back in my comfy bed at home whenever I desire; able to fly back over the rainbow here to be with family and appear at the wiggle of a nose. Family, who, by the way, love just where they are in their own beautiful emerald city. I’m just wishing on a star.

Love from Rachel Star of Sedona


Reach interfaith minister Rachel Star of Sedona at 928-282-3444, 850-566-6698 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Follow her on facebook and twitter as Rachelspirit.  Her website is  She is available for a positive, empowering Reading at either of her locations in Sedona, or by phone and skype.  Each consultation includes angelic channeling, tarot, cards of destiny, numerology, past life insight and astrology (with or without time and location of birth; horoscopes are available). Classes and individual or couples counseling is also available, as well as physical and emotional relief with Reiki or Young Living medicine-grade essential oils.

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