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We all know February brings Valentine’s Day love. Whom do you love? Whom do you withhold love from? Whom do you wish you could share love with again? Whom do you hope will love you? How do you love, how are you being loved, do…

All at once; solar flares, magnetic fluctuations, planes rerouted away from the north pole, Chinese new year of the water dragon, new moon in Aquarius, and mars seemingly stopping in the sky to go retrograde (reverse) which causes intense energy like a vortex.

The sun…

2012 is the year Sedona The Movie is being distributed. Whether you were part of the film or not, you can help spread the word to the world, and watch the final edited version in the theatre March 16.

One of the most exciting times…

I’m not a spring chicken; however, I think of myself as a cute, plump chicky with lots of flavor and tenderness cooked into her, so even better.

Every hour on the hour the church bells ring across from my office, and if there is a…

At last year’s Sedona International Film Festival I saw wonderful and amazing movies and documentaries about important themes from saving our trees to stopping the use of plastic bags and plastics. I thrilled to see Sedona the Movie, not just because it took place right…

Here we go into a NEW YEAR. What does “new” mean?  Numerologically the letters n and e and w all resonate to the number 5, which means excitement, drama, unpredictable change, restlessness, travel, adventure, taking chances, intellect, charm, creativity, pizzazz, versatility, integrity, heart-centered love and…

Let me count the days and ways on hand this week:

Last evening began eight nights of Hanukkah.

Tonight, Wednesday, at 10:30 pm Arizona Mountain time, we have our winter solstice. That always occurs at the moment the sun goes into Capricorn (where it will…

I’m thinking about getting a dog. Man’s best friend? I haven’t had a dog since I was much younger; mostly been a cat person. Does it really define a person’s personality…what type of animal you prefer? What about horses? I’m becoming more interested in horses…

Word count counted 835 words in this Blog. Do numbers mean anything?

“Mathematics is the language with which God has written the universe.” Galileo, 1564-1642                                          “God used beautiful mathematics in creating the world.” Paul Dirac 1933 Nobel Prize laureate

One day when I…

Since it’s time to REeverything, because Mercury (communication) is RE-trograde, and the subject of re-lationships has come up more often than usual, let’s re-view this phenomenon. People have been telling me they’re being re-visited by people from their past. That’s usual when Merc’s retro. I’ve…

Guess what I’m writing about at Thanksgiving time.  My thanks may surprise you, change your life or the way you see.

First, I am so thankful for all of my family whom I adore and consider impeccable in their spirit.

Thankful for happy memories of my…

Emerson, “Man should take their knowledge from the Sun, the Moon and the Stars.”


Mercury is about to go retrograde early Thanksgiving morning! The winged messenger rules all commerce and communication, including items with moving parts, so it covers our thinking, writing, contracts,…

Tomorrow, November 10, 2011 we have our once-a-year Full Moon in Taurus. Remember we all have every sign in our birth horoscope so everything I write regards each of us.

Psalms 81:3

"Sound the ram's horn at the New Moon and when the Moon is…

What a perfect day for us to create a brand new and great relationship!  My name is Rachel, what is yours? How lovely to meet you.

Stick with me week after week, and you will be surprised how easy it is to understand and…

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