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How do we sift through thoughts and feelings to decipher our highest personal guidance? First, congratulate yourself on desiring to reach for your personal best.


Your gift of life came with many gifts. One of them is intuition, and I like to call this…


When Mercury goes retrograde, seemingly doing the backstroke in the sky versus the breaststroke gliding forward, we are tested.

It occurs about three times a year. Think of swimming from one end of the pool to the other. We’ll call that the shadow of…

OK, Boo. Many of you have already celebrated at Halloween parties, and good for you, making merriment. You may have had too much to drink or eat, but you came through by the grace of a higher power which created your miraculous body, allowing your…

I believe timing is everything. It may not always look logical, but is divinely guided. Since moving to Sedona years ago, in the first year I scheduled classes to be held in my office. There was plenty of comfortable seating, yet only visitors to Sedona…

I gave a handout, of a little-known, long-underground secret system, to everyone who attended my lecture last week at the Sedona Psychic Fair. I’ve even edited it since, and you may want to have it for yourself! You’ll


There’s the relationship you have with yourself, and the varying ones you have with different people in your life. Every year when the Sun is in the Libra segment of the sky, as it has been since

I’ve come to know, with a feeling of absolute certainty, that dreams reveal how I am doing in the awake state. My dreams for decades showed me how my life was changing, how to make good…

This is about more than the TV show by the same name. There we see celebrities research their ancestry and wonder do we come from lineage of sacrifice, honor, suffering, royalty?

We are all descended from…

Our traffic lights are very clear in silent communication. They indicate what is in our best interests to do on our journey, and when we pay attention, we follow their signals for our safety. Not so…


Everything is energy. Not just caffeine drinks, pills or big engines…You and I are made of energy. So if you greet a person and they are not welcoming, looking to see you as less than,…

Get ready for a big moment on its way. I’ll explain below, but let’s start with some basics; how no two people are the same. Even twins. You are a reflection of the moment when you took your first breath.

Have you ever played musical…


Have you ever had a Tarot Reading?  Of course each Reader and spiritual Reading will be different, but overall many people highly value the accurate personal insights and positive guidance, and some people fear a…

The common folk, common ground, commonality, common sense, common objective, common practice, commonplace, common knowledge, common thread, common garden variety, common cold.

Usual, conforming, ordinary, plain, familiar, popular, routine, usual, standard, normal, average, run-of-the-mill, unremarkable, expected,…

Are things toxic in your life, causing you problems? Are you ill; have a disease? You know, it’s been decades already since scientific medical information has been released proving the mind body spirit connection.

It’s time…

Is there life after life? I feel so certain. Before I began a Reading for a young teenage girl (with her mother’s permission and urging), I was taking her through the complimentary guided relaxing meditation I offer every client, and our eyes were closed as…

Do you know what you don’t know? No, we don’t know what we don’t know. How could we? New information consistently rises to the surface. We don’t even know what’s true anymore. The next week we hear findings that supercede what we were just told.

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rachel spiritInternationally-renowned Rachel Star of Sedona has been giving emotionally-healing Readings, revealing insights and instilling clarity of mind for best and highest path choices to clients for over 40 years. Heard daily and weekly on top-ten radio, featured on network television and in national magazines, she is sought by celebrities, political and spiritual influencers, and is the Readers’ Reader.

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