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April Fools’ Day is a chance to make fun of ourselves

Tuesday, April 1, was April Fools’ Day, an unofficial holiday known for pranks and jokes reportedly dating back to the Roman Empire, and has a long history of public pranks.

The New York Sun published an article in 1835 by British astronomer John Herschel announcing…

Use our artscene to plan a visit to Sedona’s galleries

Just like a nurse checks a pulse to measure a man or woman’s vitals, so too can the health of community be determined by the health of its arts community.…

Yavapai College still offers no hard data to taxpayers

Two Yavapai College officials said they would be happy to meet with the Sedona Red Rock News to discuss our readers’ concerns but have yet to follow through with that pledge.…

Do your civic duty and consider a run for City Council

In 458 B.C., the young Roman Republic faced war against a neighboring Italian tribe. The Roman army sent to battle the Aequians and Sabines was besieged, so the Roman Senate nominated former consul Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus to serve as dictator, giving him extraordinary powers.…

Visit our website to see more photos from St. Patrick’s

The Sedona Main Street Program hosted the 44th annual St. Patrick’s Parade and Festival on Saturday, March 15.

Residents came out to celebrate their Irish heritage and enjoy the parade and subsequent festival. Vendors provided corned beef sandwiches and local beer while bagpipe and Irish folk music filled Uptown.…

City & community require engagement to function properly

On Tuesday, a majority of voters who cast ballots passed the Sedona Community Plan.

The caveat “who cast ballots” is a necessary one because despite three years of community involvement, big displays, forums and work groups, only 38.26 percent of Sedona’s 6,495 registered voters returned ballots, which is lower than the numbers from last community plan vote in 2003.…

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