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Earth Day spreads worldwide but still needs our support

After Cleveland’s Cuyahoga River caught fire in 1969 due to heavy pollution that flowed downriver, our nation rallied to protect the Earth.

The first Earth Day in 1970 attracted an estimated 20 million to celebrate. Back then, Lake Erie was dying and sewage plants, refineries,…

Lunar eclipse gives an opportunity to contemplate future

On Monday, April 14, the Western Hemisphere was treated to a rare blood moon, a total eclipse of the moon as it passed through the Earth’s umbra, or shadow.

If the Earth had no atmosphere, the moon would be pitch black in the night sky as it passed through our umbra. However, because of our planet’s atmosphere, longer wavelengths of the sun’s light — i.e., reds in the color spectrum — refracts through it while shorter wavelengths — yellows, greens and blues — are deflected, meaning the moon is cast in a beautiful blood red.…

Community comes together to search for a lost little boy

We may bemoan annoying cell phone ringtones in public spaces or the dull glow of screens lighting up the faces of transfixed users in theaters, restaurants, classrooms or coffeehouses, but our increasing connection to each other and our community through digital devices could save lives.

In the late afternoon on Wednesday, April 9, the Cottonwood Police Department issued an urgent request to help find an 8-year-old boy reported missing near Ninth and Aspen streets in Cottonwood.…

Help nonprofits with donations on Arizona Gives Day

Stop what you’re doing and log onto the Internet — it’s time to give to our nonprofits — Wednesday, April 9, is Arizona Gives Day.…

Pick up a pen and write in National Poetry Month

April is National Poetry Month. Inaugurated by the Academy of American Poets in 1996, the month celebrates the importance of poetry in our culture.…

April Fools’ Day is a chance to make fun of ourselves

Tuesday, April 1, was April Fools’ Day, an unofficial holiday known for pranks and jokes reportedly dating back to the Roman Empire, and has a long history of public pranks.

The New York Sun published an article in 1835 by British astronomer John Herschel announcing the discovery of life on the moon.…

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