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Tlaquepaque Village

Construction at the ‘Y’ roundabout is stirring up more than dust and concrete.

Standing in the middle of intersections, flaggers are an open target to drive-by insults, profanity and  spitting.

Some flaggers have even been hit by flying objects thrown from car windows, the Arizona…

A wellness spa, film studio, museum, conference center, arts village, hotel and restaurants — Fitch Industries has big plans for the former Sedona Cultural Park.

Fitch Industries is in the process of buying the 44 acres where the old amphitheater sits weathering away with hopes of rejuvenating its spirit.

Sedona Planning and Zoning, Sedona City Council and city staff have worked with Fitch Industries for nearly two years in the city’s redevelopment process.…

Storm rolls in

 Photo Courtesy Summer Bacon, August 9, 2008.

                 I was on my way to Cottonwood, heading toward 89A on Oak Creek Valley Road when I saw this storm moving in. This was taken with my cell phone through the car window (I pulled over and stopped). I decided to turn around and go home.

Have a photo and story to share?  Email us and get it published here! Email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .…

Among public criticism of spending mixed with a strong support of its services, the Sedona Fire District hired a civilian — Karen Daines — to fill a new position as business director.

Daines, who started June 30, is filling the position years after a similar position at the district went vacant.

Eight years ago when SFD governing board member Tom Wells came on the board, there was a similar position under then Fire Chief Larry Drake. When the person left, the position remained vacant.…

The Verde Valley recently won the equivalent of the music lottery when David Cripps was appointed director of the Verde Valley Sinfonietta.

He will begin rehearsals Thursday, Oct. 23, followed by six concerts in Sedona and Cottonwood, where it is unlikely that local symphony-goers will ever feel the same about music.

Cripps was born in Gloucester, one of England’s cathedral cities, where, as a child, he heard the great orchestras of the world playing.…

The deal hasn’t closed, and the plan for the former Sedona Cultural Park changed.

The reason, a bad United States economy.

“There’s a whole problem with our economy right now,” Monty Fitch, executive administrator of Fitch Industries, said.

Escrow has not closed on the approximately 40 acres on the west end of Sedona, and the live/work units — including affordable housing — were taken out of the plan.…

Blue Ridge Reservoir is a small, deep lake set within a steep canyon of conifers and deciduous trees, extending in two long arms from a central primitive boat ramp.a

A few feet of shallow water at the end of the ramp offer the perfect place to launch from and return to dry ground.

Dammed on one end, the lake terminates into a small stream running between two elky meadows at the other.…

Beginning Saturday, Aug. 2, Bliss Café and Chocolates will host an on-site organic farmers market from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. along with their garden of abounding varieties of organic herbs and vegetables.

Local gardeners and artisans are invited to bring and sell their produce, goods and wares.…

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