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A school inspires more memories than any other place: Try standing in one, surrounded by the smell of recently sharpened pencils, rubbed erasers and thumbed-through books without remembering yourself as a child, learning your ABCs. Books, in particular, are for many people an enduring part of childhood — pressing your nose to the cracked spine of a newly acquired volume, thinking of what places you might visit in its pages.

As with any major construction project, there’s always a chance for delays. In this case, it’s CVS Pharmacy.

It’s now been six months since the nationwide chain received a zone change approval from the Sedona City Council, yet not one shovel of dirt has been turned.

Sedona-Oak Creek School District Governing Board member and Realtor John D. Miller has been a vocal supporter of filling school budget gaps with donations from the community, but until recently it has been difficult to determine what classrooms need most.

They're not always needed, but when they are, it’s good to know they’re ready to help

That sums up the feeling of the Sedona Fire District in regard to Guardian Air emergency helicopters based at Verde Valley Medical Center in Cottonwood.

The Arizona Department of Transportation is looking for your input and will be hosting a trio of meetings with the hopes of getting it.

The Verde Valley Transportation Planning Organization, in collaboration with ADOT, is in the process of updating the Verde Valley Master Transportation Plan. According to the group, the primary goal of this study is to develop a plan for improvements that promotes regional safety and mobility.

Yavapai County officials are attempting to take over management of the Sedona Airport due to concerns over potential liability and in an effort to provide a "seat at the table" for the city of Sedona and its residents.

The facility is run by the Sedona-Oak Creek Airport Authority.

It’s taken longer than expected but the Sedona bike skills park is finally getting some traction.

Recently, the city sent out a request for qualifications for constriction of the project, which will be built at Posse Grounds Park. Work will include cut and fill grading, erosion control, soil compaction, general landscaping as well as constriction of a wide variety of dirt jumps and rollers for multiple skill levels, wooden framed features, trails of varying length, while providing general constriction services. The project has been budgeted for $111,000.

Even though there were a few new faces, the sentiment from business owners was the same: No parking meters in Uptown.

As part of continued community outreach, the city hosted its second public meeting in as many weeks to address the proposed installation of paid parking kiosks along State Route 89A in Uptown. About 30 people, including four Sedona City Council members, turned out for the Thursday, Nov. 19, meeting at the Best Western Plus Arroyo Roble.

In just its third year, Holiday Central Sedona organizers say it’s catching on not only with residents but visitors and those from nearby communities alike.

“I absolutely believe that Sedona is beginning to land on people’s radar for the holidays,” Sedona Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Jennifer Wesselhoff said. “What I love most about this event is that the locals are really getting behind it.

Prior to receiving a pie in the face Friday, Nov. 20, Sedona Red Rock High School Assistant Principal Deana DeWitt — who, along with Principal Darrin Karuzas, counseling secretary Teresa Lamparter and humanities teacher and swim team coach A. Jay Bronson  had agreed to the public stunt — sat down to address a few questions of concern to the community.


"I can say, however, that I possess no fear whatsoever of being 'pied.'"

Q: Many people don’t know that it’s possible to sustain a pretty bad injury by being hit with a pie. Are you fearful that you might become hurt? Another interesting fact: At least a dozen clowns are admitted to the hospital each year due to pie-related injuries. Do you think that your stunt might downplay the very serious issue of clown injuries?

DeWitt: Your questions seem to highlight the negative aspect of “pie-in-the-face” events and only relate to those events involving clowns, a very limited population in terms of those delivering and receiving pies in the face. As I am not a clown, nor do I have intimate knowledge of others who are clowns, particularly those who might have been injured during a pie-in-the-face event, it is difficult for me to comment on that experience.

I can say, however, that I possess no fear whatsoever of being “pied.” In fact, I can only assume that at least a few of the injuries you have referred to may have been the result of malice by a rogue clown or two who wished to cause injury — likely because of feelings of inferiority or jealousy — but, again, this is only speculation on my part.

Q: Are you afraid that this display might inspire food fights and other food-related incidents in the school?

DeWitt: In our situation, the pie-in-the-face event puts the “fun” in fundraising and pays homage to the rich history of the spectacle in the name of comic relief for our amazing students. These young people have committed their donations to purchase iPods in order to improve the lives of dementia patients through music therapy.

Q: Do you think the prospect of getting to pie administrators and teachers in the face inspired the students? Do you think this might be a viable way for SRRHS — or even other local organizations — to raise more funds?

DeWitt: SRRHS is proud of our pie-in-the-face event and all of its positive aspects. Pie-in-the-face has been an effective way to engage our school community in a very meaningful endeavor and reinforce the faculty’s commitment to the cause. We are certainly not the first to successfully use pie-in-the-face events to raise money for charitable causes.

To read the full story, see the Wednesday, Nov. 25, edition of the Sedona Red Rock News.


The first thing Sedona Arts Center Education Operations Director Debbie Winslow did upon her arrival in Sedona in 1990 was audition for a play — a play whose name she doesn’t recall. She does, however, recall the third production she auditioned for: In Cole Porter’s musical comedy “Anything Goes,” she took on the role of Bonnie.

Two weeks ago, Scott Miller believed he would be vacationing in coastal Mexico as he had planned — chasing surf, enjoying the ocean-side breezes and eating his share of shrimp cocktails.

As today’s edition hits the stands, however, he and fellow relief worker Kara Kelty stand on the Greek island of Lesbos, anticipating another influx of refugees arriving in their hundreds — if not thousands — from Syria and other war-torn Middle Eastern and North African nations.

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