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The Humane Society of Sedona still needs to raise $1 million to complete its new facility.
By Trista Steers
Larson Newspapers

The Humane Society of Sedona still needs to raise $1 million to complete its new facility.

?We?re shy a million dollars right now from our original goal of $3.5 million,? Brigitte Skielvig, executive director of the humane society, said.

The shelter?s new facility, which is partially constructed, will hold more dogs and cats, increasing their chances for adoption.

Construction began in 2005 and fund-raising even before that, according to Skielvig.

Humane society staff now hope to complete the new facility by June and have the remainder of the money raised by September.

The 14,000-square-foot facility has been criticized for being extravagant due to the lofty price tag it bears, but Humane Society of Sedona President Jacquie Randall said that?s not the case.

?This is a specialized building and it requires specialized equipment,? Randall said.

The new facility not only offers additional boarding space but a plethora of other features. An education center, ?get acquainted? room, courtyard, veterinary clinic, grooming center and indoor-outdoor kennels are a few of the new features.

Randall said the facility will better serve the animals? needs.

In particular, Skielvig said, the indoor-outdoor kennels enhance the quality of life.

?The animals will be able to go indoors and outdoors, which is perfect,? Skielvig said.

Currently, animals are kept in indoor kennels, preventing them from enjoying sunshine and breathing fresh air, she said.

Added to the cost of special equipment, Randall said Sedona isn?t cheap.

?It?s expensive to build in Sedona,? Randall said.

Some of the speculation is based on the notion that the humane society has the money, according to Skielvig.

?They?re so wrong on that,? Skielvig said.

Operationally, Randall said the shelter manages its costs, but financing construction of a new

structure is different.

If a another warehouse-type building was constructed, money wouldn?t be as big of an issue, Randall said, but that?s not what the humane

society is building.

The new building is located on the same lot as the current building and will eventually connect to the old structure after it is remodeled.

The humane society purchased its current land and building in 1986.

As construction ensues, parts of the current building are being closed off, making operating space minimal. This is why Skielvig said the humane society is pushing to complete the building as soon as possible.

Construction funds rely solely on donations,

and the humane society is offering naming opportunities to raise the remaining $1 million.

For $500,000, a donor can name the new dog center. Dog kennels can be named for $75,000 and rear entry porches for $5,000.

For more information on how to help the shelter meet its goals, call 282-4679.

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