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tylersgirlinpink.jpgThere is almost nothing more horrible to imagine than losing a child. One Sedona family came so close that they consider the life of their daughter a gift and the outpouring of support from their community a blessing.
By Tyler Midkiff
Larson Newspapers

There is almost nothing more horrible to imagine than losing a child. One Sedona family came so close that they consider the life of their daughter a gift and the outpouring of support from their community a blessing.

Late one night, Gladys Movassaghi woke to find her 4-year-old daughter, Soraya, struggling to breathe. As she gasped and struggled desperately to get air, her lips, eyes and toes slowly turned blue.

?We thought we?d lost her,? father Reza Movassaghi said.

For several weeks, Soraya had been ill with what her doctor believed was a cold. She treated Soraya with cough and cold medication and a nebulizer, which helped her to breathe more freely.

When the Movassaghis called Soraya?s doctor, the on-call nurse told them to treat Soraya with the nebulizer immediately, Movassaghi said.

It helped, they said, but ultimately, Soraya?s doctor referred her to the emergency room at Verde Valley Medical Center in Cottonwood.

After studying X-rays, doctors at VVMC believed Soraya suffered from asthma and allergies, Movassaghi said.

Hoping to rid his home of allergens, Movassaghi rushed home, cleaned his whole house, vacuumed, washed all the carpets and replaced Soraya?s bed, he said.

Less than 48 hours later, they changed their diagnosis to pneumonia and began giving her antibiotics, he said.

That same night, Soraya?s vital signs dropped critically. Near death, a helicopter

transported her to Flagstaff Medical Center.

The doctors there told Movassaghi that if Soraya had arrived any later, she probably would not have survived, he said.

?That helicopter saved her,? Movassaghi said. ?My girl was so happy.?

Soraya is still recovering, but her parents are thrilled that she?s alive.

For two months, doctors gave her medications that didn?t work, Movassaghi said.

Zithromax was the one she needed. ?Otherwise, she would be dead,? he said.

?She was very weak,? he explained. ?If we had not moved her from Cottonwood, she would have died. There is no doubt in my mind,? he said.

He appreciates the nurses and doctors at VVMC and feels he owes every one of them, he said.

?They did their jobs. They really did,? he said.

In Movassaghi?s opinion, it appeared the hospital lacked proper equipment to diagnose his daughter properly.

Movassaghi admits it was extremely difficult for him to remain strong for his wife and daughter during the two-month ordeal, he said.

He begged, ?God, just give my kid back to me. I?ll do anything in my power,? he said.

Meanwhile, people throughout the community offered support to their family, he said.

?They?re probably the most gracious, good-hearted people in the world,? said friend and co-worker Mary Lou Evans. ?They just give, give, give. When you come across people like that, you just want to help them. They deserve to have everybody?s love and support.?

To help the Movassaghis pay for medical bills and recover lost wages, Evans opened a bank account for Soraya at Bank of America.

She hopes people will consider helping a family that has done so much for people in the community, she said.

They?re ?not the type of family to ask for help,? according to friend and co-worker Janice Nelson. But they have always been so compassionate and giving that they deserve help, she said.

?I?m grateful,? Movassaghi said. ?They made this account for Soraya. I didn?t even know, but I appreciate everyone and I am grateful for every friend and family I have here. There are so many good people in this community. If it wasn?t for all of them, it would be really, really hard for us.?

To help the Movassaghi family pay for medical bills and recover lost wages, visit a Bank of America branch and make a donation to the ?Soraya Movassaghi? account #457003361755.

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