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Tlaquepaque Village

It may be more than 100 acres away, but one curious bear has found a new home.The young black bear that was recently captured at a local resort is transported in a mobile bear trap to its new location. The female bear was one of several reports recently, with others ending in lethal removal.

On Aug. 9, Arizona Game and Fish successfully captured and relocated a young female black bear.

“Officers received a call from the security staff at Enchantment Resort,” said Shelly Shepherd, a public information officer with Arizona Game and Fish. “They were able to scare the bear up into a tree. When our officers arrived, they were able to tranquilize her and get her safely down the tree.”

Though it sounds simple, moving a top predator that weighs upwards of 250 pounds when fully grown is never easy. Neither is determining a plan of action.

Relocation isn’t always possible. In some instances, evidence will point to a bear being an immediate threat, in which case the animal is euthanized, Shepherd said.

This has been the case in other recent bear encounters, one earlier at the resort and one in the Happy Jack area on Aug. 7.

To read the full story, see the Wednesday, Aug. 20, edition of the Sedona Red Rock News.

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  • randy Cote

    I guess the question to ask is: What is attracting the bears to Enchantment? GARBAGE!!! I would bet. CLEAN it up, LOCK it up and use bear proof containers. You can afford it!

  • Bob

    "It may be more than 100 acres away"; I'm not familiar with that unit of measure. What's that distance in kilograms?

  • Scott

    "100 acres away"....I hope this was a typo....otherwise that bear will cover 100 acres in a day. I hope they meant "100 miles".

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