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Despite being protected from head to toe, Chris Green said his adrenalin was still pumping as if it were a real-life scenario.Martine Vidal, Milan Vidal and Lesly Garcia sit on the front bumper of the Verde Valley Regional SWAT armored vehicle during National Night Out activities at Posse Grounds Park. It was the 30th anniversary for the event, which was intended as a way to have a community come out meet each other and deter crime. The city  celebration occurred during the daytime due to scheduling conflicts.

Green, an officer with the Sedona Police Department, was part of a K-9 demonstration during National Night Out, held Saturday, Aug. 9 at Posse Grounds Park. Green played the part of a suspect escaping on foot during an attempted arrest. Green began running before being stopped by K-9 Dalan, much to the delight of the crowd.

“I always try to remain standing so not to land on him,” he said. “But when he hits you it’s very violent and very fast. Once he latches on, he doesn’t let go. He’s trained to bite once and hold that position. He hits you so hard you can’t help but fall. I’m 170 pounds plus another 50 pounds in gear and he was dragging me, which is impressive since he’s just 40 pounds.”

Green, along with Dalan and his partner, Officer Stephanie Foley, did a similar demonstration last year for National Night Out. He admitted last year he looked back while running to see where Dalan was. This year he just waited for the hit to happen.

“He is very quick and stealthy — you don’t even know he’s behind you until that last second before he jumps,” he said. “He’s trained to go after the person’s arm, especially if they have something in that hand. He’s awesome at what he does and is a real asset to our department.”

Matt Peskin, the founder of NNO, often sounds like a proud father when speaking of the event he created three decades ago.

To read the full story, see the Wednesday, Aug. 13, edition of the Sedona Red Rock News.

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  • J

    Why in the world does our police force or any police force in the Verde Valley need this IED proof SWAT vehicle? How about the Cops spend a little more time patrolling subdivisions and a little less time maintaining a vehicle that has a 50 Cal turret on top of it! I think now would be a good time for Police and their bosses to realize they serve their respective communities instead of the attitude of so many that citizens are the enemy!

  • peter

    With the increasing militancy of police forces around the country, why in hell does Sedona PD need a vehicle like this? It looks like something from the Iraq war zone. What are they thinking they will need this for? Wake up people!!

  • j

    Am I the only one that thinks that an IED proof SWAT vehicle with a .50 caliber turret is a little overkill (pun intended) for the Verde Valley? This kind of armament begs the question who and what are the police going to protect us from?

  • Todd

    Really? How much did that vehicle cost? I didn't realize I lived in such a crime ridden area. Is a tank in the budget for next year? Why do we accept the continued militarization of the police force nationwide on the taxpayers dime? Their abuse of power goes unfettered. To protect and to serve but for whom?

  • PT

    Why does Sedona PD need a military vehicle like this? Are the residents that dangerous?

  • Bruce

    The MRAP that was shipped to Yavapai County has a value of $658,000. It was shipped on 9/10/2013. I screen-captured all of the military hardware that has been delivered to the county. The county also received three other "combat/assault/tactical wheeled vehicles" between 2009 and 2011 valued at ~$1,000,000. I found this list at You can enter any county and any state to find the amount of "free" military gear your county has taken on.

    As far as I am concerned, Yavapai County has some serious 'splaining to do. We're talking millions here, folks. Be afraid.

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