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It may no longer be business as usual at the Humane Society of Sedona.Melanie Lucas, a veterinary technician at Humane Society of Sedona, feeds little Michael maple syrup from a syringe to bring his blood sugar up. He is the runt of a littler of six and is hypoglycemic, and without special care that the society gives, this Chihuahua would die. On Tuesday, July 8, Sedona City Council will discuss the canceled contract between the city and the Humane Society of Sedona.

For many years, the Humane Society of Sedona has had a service contract with the city of Sedona to cover a percentage of the costs related to found or unwanted animals brought into the facility. As it stands now, that contract has been canceled.

The Sedona City Council is set to approve service contracts for the Sedona Community Center, Sedona Main Street Program, Sedona Public Library and Sedona Recycles during its meeting Tuesday, July 8. Representatives from the society are expected to speak in regard to their contact not being renewed. The Humane Society of Sedona was set to be awarded $47,500 for this fiscal year.

Effective Tuesday, July 1, those animals picked up by Animal Control will be taken to the Verde Valley Humane Society in Cottonwood at a cost of $70 per animal to the city. The Humane Society of Sedona had offered to continue accepting those from Animal Control until Tuesday, July 15.


To read the full story, see the Friday, July 4, edition of the Sedona Red Rock News.

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  • Lin

    It's hard to believe Sedona will spend $75,000 on an unnecessary piece of 'art' for one roundabout, rather than investing in your local animal shelter. Sedona doesn't need more art to distract drivers in roundabouts, it needs to serve the local community's current needs. Part of that is ensuring humane treatment of lost or homeless animals - dump the art, save the animals, don't waste time/gas/salary transporting them to Cottonwood, where they are already full.

  • Jason Novack

    Glad to see this city has its priorities in order once again.

  • Rick Burd

    This article certainly implies that it was the City who cancelled the contract. Not True! The Humane Society asked for twice the amount it had been receiving ($95,000), without adequate data to support such an increase. The City offered to continue supporting the Society at the same rate as in the past ($47,500), but the Society rejected that offer. It was the Humane Society that cancelled the contract--NOT the City.

  • pat locker

    So you send your responsibility to another town so as not to cost Sedona money? How narrow mind are your counsel members! Seems like the appropriate way to handle this is to cut back on money going to other areas and even out the grants so all could benefit. It's like throwing your trash in your neighbors trash can so you don't have to pay for pickup of your trash. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out....Politics!

  • Linda Knight-Archer

    This is rather disturbing news. There are so many animals in need of help, and I would hate to think they would now be to going to other shelters that might not be a "no kill shelter".

  • Linda Knight-Archer

    I hope these animals are not being sent to a "high kill shelter". I am most impressed with Sedona and their fundraising stores, and especially that they are a "NO KILL SHELTER". There are so many animals in need of help!

  • jason Novack

    Sorry Rick, not entirely true.

  • Karen

    This is absurd. We need the city to help fund unwanted or lost animals. I'm feel confident that the city could cut the "fat" out of the budget somewhere else instead of affecting the Humane Society. Without City financial assistance, the Humane Society will depend completely on donations meaning less animals will be cared for and more even be euthanized.

  • gerry

    I wish people would realize that Sedona Humane Society is NOT a no kill shelter. The City did their research and the offer was fair for the services provided to the city by the HSS.

  • gerry

    Humane Society of Sedona is NOT a no kill shelter. Sorry some of you are misinformed.
    The City offer was fair for the services provided by the HSS.

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