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As a result of a string of complaints, the Sedona City Council decided it was time to review its codes when it comes to timeshare sales within city limits.Tourist Information centers in Sedona are being used as time-share fronts, misleading tourists when they come in to purchase maps and get directions to places in town. Sedona City Council is working with time-share businesses to establishment a plan, including signage, that would make it more transparent.

The topic was discussed for more than 90 minutes during a special council meeting on Aug. 13.

City Attorney Mike Goimarac led the discussion and said the meeting came as a result of  numerous complaints concerning sales solicitation establishments that have signs claiming that they are tourist information centers, visitor centers or even museums.

City code requires that signs using terms such as “tourist information,” “visitor center” or “activity information,” must also identify the name of the business on the face of the phrase-bearing sign in letters at least 50 percent as large as the largest font used on the sign.

To read the full story, see the Wednesday, Aug. 20, edition of the Sedona Red Rock News.

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  • Allen Williams

    it's about time. just because they are the top employer in Sedona; should not give them lic. to sucker tourist or used what I believe is strong arms tactics, and super high pressure street assaults on tourist

  • steve

    Those sign tactics are used by every and i mean EVERY big advertising corporation, whether it is selling a big mac or real estate. Usually marked with an asterisk instead of posting the actual fault in the "deal". When you get a coupon for a free 44 oz. drink at Sonic it states "FREE 44oz DRINK*" then it will say that you must first purchase a food item to get this free drink. Yet these companies still advertise this way. Every timeshare booth sign says just under the tourist info sign and on every sign in the booth "presented by (enter timeshare company)". No law is being broken, just smart business tactics being used. Sedona's economy is run by tourism. most if not ALL shop owners in Sedona gain thousands of dollars in business thanks to those booths as well. If it is decided to change how these booths operate it will no only hurt timeshare but all forms of business in Sedona.

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