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That moment when you walk into a room and forget why you’re there, you stand in the middle of it wracking your memory for a reminder.

Twelve years ago America stepped into a room and forgot why it was there. We pushed open the door to Afghanistan and sometime during the invasion forgot what brought us there to begin with. Naturally we stayed there scratching our heads, looking at one another hoping to recall the genius behind the plan.

Twelve years ago this country made a mistake. Those of us who were in Kindergarten at the time didn’t even know where Afghanistan was, and are asking why we are still there. No one has a sound answer.

Some may say we are too young to remember the significance of the war. I say this was an expensive impulse that we never should have acted upon. Half the people fighting there had no say in the start of the war — they were still learning how to effectively tie their shoes.

We were wrong to go into undefeated Afghanistan.

Politicians of every affiliation need to stop making empty promises of an end they don’t want to come. Stop spending billions on a war that a Washington Post-ABC News poll says only 28 percent of the American public agrees with.

The room and all the possible reasons for stepping inside is expanding. Instead of walking out and moving on to other things, we stomp around someone else’s home in the dumb hope of remembering why we came.

I never stepped into this room and neither did my peers, yet somehow it stealthily engulfed our lives. No one talks about it. For a while during my childhood I forgot we were even at war. Then people started talking about debt. They cut invaluable programs. People lose their jobs because of a bad economy and no one thinks to withdraw from Afghanistan — which would save billions.

America stepped into a room of forgetfulness and dragged its naive children behind to pay the price.


By Allexxa Brooks

Special to Larson Newspapers



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  • Bruce Bloomquist

    Of course invading Afghanistan was a huge mistake. It's where empires go to die. "This time it'll be different," they tell us. Our leaders' hubris knows no limit. Just another case of peeps dying for the creeps.

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