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Sports reporter Staci Gasser joined the Sedona Red Rock News team this summer.

She brought with her a fresh perspective of the local sports scene and new ideas to add to the Sports & Recreation page.

Since she started at the newspaper, we’ve seen several additions rounding out the page and providing more information to our readers.

Sedona Red Rock News Managing Editor Trista Steers MacVittieThe addition of box scores every Wednesday to highlight sports not covered in a story allow followers of Sedona Red Rock High School athletics to keep track of several teams. The new feature also includes the team’s next home game so fans can turn out and support Sedona’s student athletes.

Gasser also brought more focus to sports and recreation outside of the schools.

Sedona residents participate in a wide array of activities from running to hiking to biking to working out.

Activity isn’t only for the young in this city, so why shouldn’t adult sports be featured as well?

Every week Gasser does her best to gather stories, and it’s not an easy task.

From appointment no-shows to unreturned phone calls or a coach’s refusal to comment on his or her team’s performance or provide information, Gasser runs into hurdle after hurdle.

When it comes to youth and middle school sports, thus far many of Gasser’s attempts at coverage have either been killed by unwillingness to participate on the coach’s part or unannounced schedule changes.

One middle school coach actually handed her a sheet of paper on which the students wrote their names and numbers all over and called it a roster. The same coach’s only response to how a game went was, “Good.”

Other coaches treat Gasser as if it’s a complete inconvenience to talk to her.

Sometimes a scheduled telephone interview for a Thursday will be missed, and the coach won’t call until five days later.

Gasser works on deadlines and when these things happen, the story must be dropped and a replacement found quickly.

Yet, when parents don’t see their children in the newspaper, they blame us, of course.

I guarantee Gasser has contacted, or called and emailed to no avail, every person coaching this fall.

Some have been great and cooperative, while others are the sole reason angry parents’ children don’t appear on the page.

If there is something readers think we’re missing in our coverage, let us know. If readers call and find out why we haven’t covered a particular sport, they may find it’s not us they need to be talking to, it’s their children’s coach.

More pressure on the coaches by parents to be cooperative would result in more coverage.

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