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According to many business owners I spoke with over the weekend, August was a hard month, slower than a typical August, which is naturally slow in Sedona anyway.

Managing Editor Christopher Fox GrahamWe won’t know for certain if revenues were down across the city or if it just appeared so until the city posts tax revenues, but many business owners said they noticed less foot traffic. Our roads were quieter than expected, especially over the Labor Day weekend, a fact I noticed and one that was reiterated by people who spoke with me around town.

Perhaps it has to with the recent heavy rains — rainfall amounts are up over the year, with monsoon storms dumping lots of rain over Sedona in recent weeks.

Even though rain put a bit of dent in the normally busy Moonlight Madness on Saturday, shops did appear to see more traffic on Sunday and Monday.

Moonlight Madness serves an additional purpose, however: it signals the kickoff of the tourist season and festival season, which continues fairly nonstop until the end of November and beginning of December.

It also means our snowbirds begin to return from their summer homes. At the Sedona Red Rock News, we notice an increase in press releases and activities. Clubs and organizations which were dormant over the summer also get back into the groove as their numbers swell.

We can hope for the sake of local businesses, which have weathered our traditionally slow summer — pun intended — that the festival season brings in out-of-towners and brings out locals to spend a little and boost the city’s economy.

A healthy economy keeps service and shop workers employed and by extension, helps all those who serve primarily locals — plumbers, contractors, grocery stores, furniture retailers — to stay in business.

The festivals also foster our sense of community. As the season gets into full swing, check out all our city’s festivals if you can. Attend events you haven’t before; you may be surprised how much you can enjoy in a small town. The arts, live music, wine and conversation can do wonders to make you appreciate who we live near, rather than just where we live.

While you’re out, remember to spend a little, too. Local business owners and workers — your neighbors — will appreciate the help.

Christopher Fox Graham

Managing Editor




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