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In small towns, the newspaper plays a big role. It’s the sole provider of local news. It’s where readers go to find out what happened in their town.

Our reporters are committed to bringing our readers accurate, timely news stories about your neighbors, your Sedona City Council and your children.

On that note, we need your help to ensure we’re providing the best information to our community. Whether it’s a press release, letter to the editor or photo you snapped, we strongly encourage community participation in our storytelling.

Press releases are intended to inform the public of an upcoming event, award received or other community news. When submitting a press release, write in the story format, meaning you should use complete sentences and be sure to include the event’s who, what, when and where. Flyers or posters need to be converted by the person submitting them to the proper format.

Photos make press releases more attractive and we appreciate when they are included. However, don’t downsize the file to email it. We need the largest file possible to ensure high print quality. Photos from websites do not work. They are too small for us to reproduce and if you yourself did not shoot them, they may be copyrighted and we can’t use them anyway.

Priority is given to nonprofits when it comes to placement in the paper and there is no guarantee of when or if a release will appear in the paper. Space and quantity of releases often determine what makes it in and what does not. Press releases for events or services over $100 will not be considered for publication.

Our Letters to the Editor page is often the most read page of the newspaper. Other readers enjoy hearing community members’ opinions, which is why we set aside space each week to print them. Whether its a thanks to volunteers, critique of a local government decision or experience, letters allow residents to tell their story in 300 words or less. More guest perspectives will be published, as well, upon approval by the editors.

Ultimately, we’re asking for your help in telling the story of our community.

For more information about submissions, including where to send them, see the submission guidelines on our website,

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