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There’s a new controversy in town, or rather another debate resurfacing after sitting on the back burner for a while.

It’s the Sedona Airport’s turn to cycle through as the topic residents are ready to argue about, and this one appears to have more reach than even the streetlight fiasco.

A poll conducted on our website,, confirms there are many people who want to voice their opinions about the airport, or at least there are some willing to vote, vote and vote again.

Sedona Red Rock News Managing Editor Trista Steers MacVittieWe want to set the record straight now, rather than after our poll numbers appear in some group’s literature to supposedly prove their beliefs are right.

As we’ve stated before, our polls are not scientific and should not be treated as such. We cannot control who votes from where or how many times despite our best efforts.

“What can the Sedona Airport do to alleviate complaints?” which was last week’s poll question, is a perfect example of how our polls, and most other Internet polls, can be manipulated.

Both sides on this issue are to blame for skewing the numbers.

It started in a Sedona Facebook group with a call to all of those who want the airport shut down.

Posts encouraged everyone to vote and to tell others to do the same even if they may not be passionate about the issues or have a strong position.

A strong answer came from a national pilots’ group, also with an Internet presence.

Some voters, based on posts from their respective online forums, troubled themselves with finding ways to vote multiple times.

The pilots’ group, reaching people all across the country, won. The poll indicates those who voted feel the “Airport is not a problem.”

The winning answer received 51,037 votes.

“Move or close down,” on the opposite end of the spectrum, earned 1,696.

There were a total of 53,443 votes for four options.

Prior to the airport poll, “How do you feel about council’s vote on SR 89A turnback?” was the most popular with 1,503 total votes cast.

Does the poll indicate how Sedona residents feel about the airport? Obviously not, since there are some 40,000 fewer people living in the area than the total number of votes.

However, when it comes to debating the importance of an airport and whether we need one, we must consider opinions from outsiders. The airport brings tourists to the city, and tourism dollars via sales tax are what allow the local government to operate.

In the meantime, let’s not let this tear our community apart like the streetlights did.

Trista Steers MacVittie

Managing Editor

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People in this conversation

  • Don Gay

    If you feel that the streetlights tore the community aopart, then why did you take a position on the issue?

  • E Gauthier

    You mention a Facebook group but don't provide the name. Sure would be nice to have so we could actually go see the discussions there and make our own judgements.

  • Elmer Ville

    Everyone has the right to take a position on any issue.

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