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Sedona’s beautiful landscape is modeling this week for artists from all over the United States.

From Maryland to California, accomplished plein air artists made their way to the city to participate in the eighth annual Sedona Plein Air Festival, which kicked off with Main Street Paint Out on Saturday, Oct. 20.

Sedona Red Rock News Managing Editor Trista Steers MacVittieWhere better to paint outdoors than Sedona?

From breathtaking red rock views to fall colors along Oak Creek, a masterpiece-worthy landscape can be found by looking in any direction.

The weeklong event, hosted by the Sedona Arts Center, does more than invite artists to paint the city — it plants a seed in those visitors that will spread to others when they return home and gives us, as residents, new perspective.

Artists will capture Sedona’s natural beauty and take it home with them to share with their friends and family.

Some of those people might be artists themselves, and they too might want to paint the red rocks.

Others may simply see the wonder captured in the pieces and want to see it for themselves.

Either way, the artists in town right now will share Sedona with others who will also want to tour the city.

Residents and visitors alike remember the first glimpse of Sedona they experienced.

It may have been in person, or possibly on a postcard, photo or even in a painting.

Wherever it was, it made them either stay or visit the place that seems to draw so many.

Throughout the week, artists will spend their days creating just those visual teasers portraying Sedona through their eyes.

As residents, it’s interesting to see how our visitors view the city — which features stand out to them, where they find the most beauty, where they choose to spend their time.

The festival gives a look into their world. People are invited to watch as the artists create at events, view finished works before they are sold and meet the artists at various social functions.

I look forward to viewing the artists’ creations at the live auction Saturday, Oct. 27, as the festival comes to a close.

What the Sedona Arts Center offers is much more than an ordinary arts festival. It introduces Sedona to the country while giving Sedona perspective from the outside, all with the simple swipe of a brush or pastel.

Catch the artists as they make their way through the city by visiting

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