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New Year’s Eve is fast approaching. The last few days of the year post-Christmas give us time to reflect on the events of the previous year and our hope for things to change in the new year.Managing Editor Christopher Fox Graham
Newspapers, magazines, television stations and websites are rife with best-of, top 10 or year in review lists. Now deep in the age of the Internet, some video or photo montage clip generally goes “viral,” often with snippets of the best songs from the year.
We remember the world leaders and celebrities who have died in the past year and also reflect on the friends and family who have left our lives.
We are planning our big year in review spread for Wednesday, Jan. 1, looking back at the major events in Sedona over 2013.
I love it all — New Year’s Eve is my favorite holiday. On the last day of year, the world joins in one big party, starting in the Pacific and moving west one time zone at a time.
As the day moves along, we put aside our differing nationalities, faiths and worldviews to celebrate the changing calendar as one common people. We can see fireworks over Sydney Harbor, Tokyo Bay, the Blue Mosque, Red Square, the Parthenon, St. Peter’s Basilica and Big Ben before the ball drops on Times Square in New York City, kicking off the countdown in the United States.
In Sedona and the Verde Valley, there are numerous events and champagne toasts at which we can commiserate with our friends and neighbors as the countdown comes to our time zone. We can reflect on the year with others near and dear to us as well as strangers, sharing good thoughts about those in our community who have passed on this year.
As you’re out and about on New Year’s Eve, remember to be safe. If you plan to enjoy more than just a glass of champagne at midnight, carpool, have the number of a cab or sober friend on hand or visit a bar or party you can walk home from. Many people who don’t normally drink often imbibe on New Year’s Eve in celebration or remembrance, and not everyone knows their limits.
Getting a DUI is no way to start the new year. Sedona police, as well as law enforcement agencies in other communities will be out in force, making sure the roads are safe after midnight.
Plan ahead, be smart and be safe. We all want to enjoy the first dawn of new year.
Happy New Year.

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