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Let’s see if we got this straight.

Sedona Mayor Rob AdamsSedona Mayor Rob Adams said in an ethics meeting last Friday that he was going to resign after he walked out of the Sedona City Council meeting on Aug. 14, but his wife and others talked him out of the decision the next day.

After that August meeting, the mayor refused to return calls to this newspaper about his decision to leave the meeting.

He apparently had not discussed the incident with his fellow Sedona City Council members either.

Managing Editor Christopher Fox GrahamAfter weeks, the mayor only felt inclined to respond to anyone after we published an editorial Aug. 28 calling him out for his breach of the public trust — and that response was loaded with attacks on this newspaper.

“I would have been happy to explain my reason for departing the meeting. In short, it was a protest,” Adams wrote.

Then on Oct. 18, he said, “Quite frankly, it was my intention to resign.”

So which is it? A protest against the council or a resignation later reconsidered?

If it truly was a protest regarding the dropping of Sedona’s city commissions, then we wholeheartedly support that position. We never had liked that idea.

City Council members had the same question and scheduled an ethics meeting. For five hours, a paid mediator from Phoenix led council members to discuss small issues before finally tackling the elephant in the room: Adams’ decision to walk out and refusal to do his duty as an elected official.

In the Oct. 18 meeting, the mayor did not acknowledge that what he did was wrong. Other council members pointed out that if one of them had walked out, Adams would have “read them the riot act,” to quote Councilman Mike Ward.

As for walking out, the mayor said he wouldn’t have changed his decision and would walk out again. With that statement, the mayor wasted five hours of the City Council’s time and thousands of taxpayer dollars on a mediator without taking responsibility for his actions.

Where did that money come from? Was it in the budget? What programs weren’t funded in order to waste money on the mayor’s temper tantrum?

The mayor does not dictate what does or does not run in this newspaper. He had weeks to answer us in good faith and he has had hours and hours of time at City Council meetings to speak his opinion on city issues, including slipping in an “I’m sorry I walked out and let down the residents.”

In his Sept. 3 letter to us, the mayor did not apologize for the walkout, nor acknowledge what he did was wrong, nor hint that he had contemplated resigning; rather, he wanted to nitpick about when our reporter had called him.

The mayor owes the residents of Sedona an apology.

He also owes an apology to city staff and his fellow council members.

Apparently learning nothing from an ethics meeting, the mayor might also want to reimburse the city for the money he wasted on the mediator.

Mr. Mayor, you lost a vote. Get over it and act like an adult.

Christopher Fox Graham

Managing Editor





















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  • w. warren

    I like your style Christopher, keep being strong :)

  • Stop Sedona Rouge Expansion

    The mayor doesn't care about wasting the City's money...he does care about extortion and allowing developers from other states to pose as locals to make life more difficult for the residents, as long as it adds more money in the coffers for him to spend! He makes decisions based on little or no information and dismisses facts. He wouldn't last a minute in a "real" town.

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